Nov 7, 2023
They can work together with marketing

They can People prefer to read messages from other people than from companies. Those employees therefore play an extremely important role on LinkeIn. Unlock the most powerful community on LinkeIn — your employees. As an organization you can take advantage of this by using the My Company Tab or My Company. The guideline was that you should have employees. As you can see below, it is now also possible with fewer employees. But of course there must be some colleagues for this dashboard. LinkeIn My Company – My Company Tab What can you do with the My Company tab? Here you will see popular messages from employees. Very easy to respond to that. 

Email templates save you lots of time

Milestones such as new or many years in service, promotion, et cetera (see above at Frankwatching today. Profiles of colleagues you have not yet photo editor linke with. “Hi colleague, I see that we are not yet linke. I work at… Which department do you work in?” The talk you might otherwise have at the coffee machine. Easy to have a large colleague network if you have a business question. As an administrator, you can prepare messages behind the scenes: ‘Recommend to employees’. All LinkeIn options to network internally and to communicate your company message together. LinkeIn My Company – My Company Tab.

Customer rewarding is part

Popular content from colleagues Recommend for employees As an administrator, you normally place the content directly on the timeline. With the My Company Tab you can prepare a message behind the scenes so that your colleagues can place it on their timeline. All they have to do is click on the post and confirm that they want to post it on their own timeline. That can be exactly the text as you have IS Lists create it, but your colleague can also adjust the message a little bit to suit his or her expertise or style.

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