Nov 20, 2023
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When the hosting was  The accounts Instagram Stories, and much more. Let’s go! Here are likes of : in first place is Beyoncé with a post earning more than . million hearts ( posts in the Top ten), follow by Cristiano Ronaldo with . million ( posts in the Top ten) and close behind Selena Gomez with . million ( posts in the Top ten). It follows that Selena Gomez plac posts in the top places totaling an audience of more than million. you can see below are emotional and concern their personal life and not their professional life. But marketing experts already.

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On the personal branding of famous people seo expate bd by telling behind-the-scenes stories on social networks compar to what gossip magazines already publish. In this way the public becomes more attach to the VIP because they feel part of their emotional circle. Here are the most view videos of : in first place is Cristiano Ronaldo with a video with more than million views, follow by Leo Messi with an emotional video that tells the story of his football year with million views, while in third we find Selena Gomez in a video in which she hugs one of her little fans, totaling more than million views.

The argument already

Express above also applies here IS Lists emotion + private life = success on social mia. Here is the ranking of the CELEBRITIES WITH THE MOST FOLLOWERS in : st place: Selena Gomez ( selenagomez ): more than million followers nd place: Cristiano Ronaldo ( cristiano ): more than million followers rd place: Ariana Grande ( arianagrande ): more than million followers th place: Beyoncé ( beyonce ): more than million followers th place: Kim Kardashian West ( kimkardashian ): more than million followers th place: Taylor Swift ( taylorswift ): more than million followers th place: Kylie Jenner ( kyliejenner ): more than . million followers th place.

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