Nov 14, 2023
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Caching is a new data source and select ‘Search Console’ as the data source. Choose your website and then choose ‘Site Impression’. Then click on the blue ‘Connect’ button. Your first data source is ready. Create a second data source for ‘Google Analytics’. Create a third data source for your ‘Ranking Google Sheet’. Then select the tab ‘ranking – project keywords’. Next, create the mixe data source. For convenience, name the source GSC site + Rankings + GA . Look at the screenshot below with ‘Merge keys’, ‘Dimensions’ and ‘Statistics’ so that you configure the data source correctly. Look closely at. The order of the data sources.

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The stat names in the screenshot may not match what you see. For example, because your data source is configure in a different language or because your datasheet column headers are different. This doesn’t matter. Screenshot Google Data Studio. Step 3. Create the data table First put a filter on the photo editor dashboard, select the newly create mixe data source as the source. Choose the dimension ‘Latest Ranking URL’. Create another one and now select ‘Query’ as the dimension. Create SEO dashboard in Google Data Studio. Add a data table underneath (via the ‘Insert’ menu, then choose ‘Table’) with, for example, the following configuration.

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Data table in Google Data Studio. All done now! You could say that we have recreate a rank tracker. But which rank IS Lists tracker has as many visualization, access and sharing options as Data Studio Step 4. Insights Important are of course the insights you can get from this. I use this report concretely by selecting a page that I want to optimize with the Landing Page filter. The queries for which this landing page scores in the organic results then appear in the table, supplemente with the positions and performance data such as the number of goals achieve and the conversion.  Percentage goals achieve paid visits from Google Ads.

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