Oct 23, 2023
What are YouTube Tags and Which Ones Should

Looking for a simple but logical process for adding tags to your YouTube videos? There are two ways to add YouTube tags to your videos. Add tags that you think make sense and hope for the best; Use a logical process to add tags that make sense. In this guide, we’ll explain the process we use to add tags to our videos in 5-10 minutes. But first, let’s cover a few basics. What are YouTube tags? YouTube tags are words and phrases that describe your video and provide more context to help people find your content. That same study found that only ⅓ of the top-ranking videos use the keyword in their tags.

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Points out, this “may imply that keyword tags are less critical than titles and descriptions.” Of course, correlation  causation, but either way, you might be executive data wondering, should I bother adding YouTube tags at all? Short answer: Yes. Just don’t spend too much time on it. How we add tags to our YouTube videos Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, it’s important to note that our “process” for adding YouTube tags is quite simple and by no means definitive. It’s what we do, but we have no hard evidence that it played a significant role in the growth of our channel of the past couple of years. We use this process only as a rough guide, and we spend no longer than 5-10 minutes adding tags to each video. Any longer is just a waste of time, in our opinion.

Here’s our three-step process

Now, correlation  causation, so it’s worth taking these results with a pinch of salt. That said, it does echo the findings from Briggsby’s study mentioned in the IS Lists previous section. What are YouTube Some also believe that YouTube pays the most attention to your first tag. Whether this is true is anyone’s guess. But given that YouTube’s official guidance for tags is to “use the words and phrases that make the most sense for your video,” your target keyword is a good starting point. So we almost always use our primary keyword as our first tag. For example, look at the tags for our keyword research video: Install the free vidIQ browser extension (or TubeBuddy), then search for your target keyword on youtube.

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