Mar 22, 2023
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We recommend Marketing communication channels – which ones are worth using? Competition analysis methods There are many ways to analyze your competition. Conducting activities base only on one of them is not fully effective and involves a high risk of error. Several methods must be combine to get a complete picture of the competition. The main way to analyze competition is desk research, the analysis of existing data. The method consists in collecting and processing data about rivals from various sources. The analysis may include market research reports.

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Portals and online stores of competitors, industry press, newsletters, records and recordings from industry events. The next stage of competitor analysis should be marketing research. It is obtaining information directly from market Georgia Phone Number List participants, customers, distributors and producers. The analysis can be done through qualitative marketing research or surveye opinion polls. Another method that is worth using in competitor analysis is business intelligence. The interview allows you to verify the financial creibility of contractors, and thus eliminates the risk of cooperation with dishonest or insolvent companies.

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It is also an analysis of the ways of securing confidential data that the competition uses, which gives the opportunity to introduce improvements by imitating the competition. The last stage of competitor analysis is mystery shopping. Conducting IS Lists mystery shopper research in competitor’s outlets is a good way to learn about customer service standards, sales methods, communication styles use in contact with the customer and other service elements use by market rivals. The analysis shows the full efficiency of the functioning of competing companies.

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