Apr 5, 2023
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This way, everyone in the company has access to the most current version of each document. Additionally, these tools can make it easier to track project progress and deadlines. Thanks to automatic reminders or pop-up notifications, everyone always knows what to do and when to do it What is a modern intranet? A modern intranet is a secure, cloud-basd platform that helps organizations collaborate more effectively. It allows teams to quickly access documents and resources and discuss topics in real time.

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A modern intranet also includes features like wikis, social networking tools, and task management that make it easier for teams to stay connectd and collaborate. Modern intranets offer the same functionality as traditional intranets, but with database a more user-friendly interface and improvd security. With intranet software, companies can easily manage documents, projects and tasks and facilitate cross-departmental communication. You can find more information in our guide Using SharePoint in the Intranet . modern intranet Internet, Extranet and Intranet – What are the differences? We distinguish between Internet, Extranet and Intranet. All three are networks that allow users to connect to each other and access resources.


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However, they differ in terms of the type of information they provide, who can access them, and how secure they are. The Internet The Internet is a global network usd by billions of people around the world to communicate and access IS Lists information. It’s public and accessible to everyone, making it the least secure of the three options. The Extranet An extranet is a private network that allows companies to communicate with their partners, suppliers or customers in a secure environment. Access rights are limitd and only certain people can view certain documents or resources on the extranet. External stakeholders can also be given secure access to the company network.

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