Oct 18, 2023
How to prepare a content map for your Blog

What are Content Maps and what are they for ? Who is your buyer persona ? Do you know the 3 phases of a user’s purchasing process on the Internet? In this article, written by Carlo Farucci of InboundCycle, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about content maps. In this post, we propose to explain how a content map is configured to offer relevant information to each user according to their moment in the purchasing process. How to prepare And we are going to do it by focusing on a content marketing project such as a blog.

Once this work is done

We could add traffic acquisition and lead executive email list maturation processes, and then we would enter a more complete inbound marketing project . But here we will base ourselves on the first part: the creation of the content. To her! Nowadays there is a focus on personalization and everything is based on the user. And although the same person may need different types of content over time, the most common thing is that blogs focus on one type of content (usually the most informative or the most corporate), so they lose much of the traffic they could obtain and, therefore, potential clients.

How to prepare type

Of information you should have on your blog, it is important to work on a content map taking into account your buyer persona and their phase within the purchasing process. Below we will detail these three variables, which you must work together. But we already told you that this customizable template will give you a hand to start shaping your content map. Use it! Establish IS Lists who your buyer persona is One of the first things you should be clear about your project when generating content is your buyer persona. The buyer persona is, ultimately, your ideal client. 

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