Oct 17, 2023
You Know Where Your Content Is

If you’re a company or agency looking to promote your name or the name of your clients, creating a content strategy should be an important part of your marketing plan. It sounds easy, right? A blog post here and there, maybe a case study for sales material, maybe a video if you have the equipment. While all of these are great ideas, most of. The time this content dies before they’re even created.

People are busy, you’re busy, I’m busy – and if it’s not your job to produce. Content on a daily basis, you’re probably not thinking about. Topics for your next downloadable whitepaper. Trying to fit content creation into your already busy. Schedule is a challenge, and to throw another wrinkle into the mix, getting everyone in your office. To help out can be like dragging a toddler, kicking and screaming, to school in the morning.

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In my blog today, I’m going to outline a basic content strategy and walk you through the five stages that every piece of content should go through in its life cycle: creation, progress updates, editing, distribution, and review. I’ve also included a template of a monthly content calendar that you can download if you’d like to follow along.

As we discuss the creation of content, it’s important to keep in mind the definition of content. By the online standards today, content can phone leads for sale exist in many different shapes and styles. Everything from a weekly video to a company newsletter can be considered valuable content when created with a purpose.

The first step in the creation stage is to decide which type of content you’d like to produce. I’m not going to dive too deep into this right now, but the important thing to remember here is that different types of content will fit your business’s voice and tone better than others. Also, certain pieces of content will take longer to create than others.

Every piece of content that you produce should have one goal. This is very important; whether it’s as simple as a producing a daily snapchat story or writing an ebook, nail down what that particular piece of content is trying to accomplish. This will make your time creating the piece faster and more worthwhile.

Progress update stage

Second, give yourself or who’s ever creating the content appropriate time. Give the person enough time to research, outline, and produce a quality piece of content that your clients/customers will enjoy. A content strategy should be created IS Lists with the element of time as an important factor.

The life of an editor is tough.  This deadline is important in the life cycle of a piece of content for different reasons.

First, progress updates keep everyone on track to finish on time. Obviously, this is important when a manager or editor has a schedule they have to keep to. Second, these updates are a chance to redirect the content if you feel it’s going off track. There should be enough time between this date and the flight date to make the necessary changes.

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