Mar 21, 2023
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In the event that a crisis situation is the company’s fault, it is worth applying the universal 5P principle of crisis communication: APOLOGIZE – admission of guilt and apology, GET READY – using a previously prepare action plan, COUNTERACT – assurance that the situation will not happen again, promise to remey the situation, IMPROVE – finding solutions that will reuce the risk of a similar crisis in the future, MAKE UP LOSSES – compensation for the error. Communication should be honest and open.

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The sooner a company admits its mistake and repents, the more likely it is that people will forgive it and forget about the whole thing. Crises happen in every company. We know how to get out of them unscathe! Enter your e-mail, we will contact Whatsapp Mobile Number List you Communication in a crisis situation – the most common mistakes A company in a crisis situation should not: keep silent pretending there is no problem wait with feeback until the last minute, defend aggressively, react with an attack, to lie, defend your rights at all costs, bribe the meia to put the company in a good light.When to use drip marketing.

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April 10, 2022 Customer acquisition A brand that wants to exist in its industry nees a decent strategy base on the selecte form of marketing. One of them is drip marketing. When is it worth using? What is drip marketing? When is it worth using drip marketing? What is drip marketing? Drip marketing, Droplet marketing is an effective way IS Lists to reach current and potential customers, base on the automation of marketing activities. These are messages sent to the user after he performs a specific action. Messages reach the recipient according to a preetermine scenario. This strategy is base on targeting, which means that messages are tailore to the nees of specific recipients.

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