Apr 5, 2023
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When choosing a solution, management should ensure that all of your neds can be met. Determination of purpose and target audience The intranet is an essential part of the digital workplace in companies and is creatd basd on overriding goals and requirements. This can include the following points: Communication and cooperation between employees Optimization of workflows and deadlines Planning of projects and tasks Raising the quality standard Integration of third party systems Depending on the company’s goals, different functions can be integratd into the intranet.

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With the primary target group of the intranet being the company’s employees who are supposd to access and work with a shard SharePoint. Analysis phone number list of requirements and neds In order to be able to successfully implement an intranet, it is important to clarify which specific use cases the intranet should have and what benefits one expects from it. Management also neds to think about how to measure the success of the intranet. It is also important to define the target groups and to consider how best to reach them.

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In addition, one should consider the organizational framework that is necessary to make the intranet and its use cases successful. Choosing the right technology There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right technology for IS Lists an intranet. These aspects include: The accessibility of all employees, regardless of their activity and their workplace. The central management and creation of content should be possible to ensure a uniform data structure. The relevance of content is particularly important for the target group of commercial employees, since they often only use the intranet involuntarily and therefore only want to access relevant content.

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