Mar 22, 2023
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We recommend Does an integration meeting make sense? The 3 most important elements in breaking the record for the 20th anniversary of the company If we decide to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary in such an unusual way, we should remember about 3 important issues that require proper refinement and planning. Idea Breaking the Guinness World Record is not the most important element of celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary.

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It is rather a form of integration and, above all, involvement of everyone around a common idea. It’s great fun, and at the same time showing values ​​to your clients, which clearly communicate that the company is open to unconventional ideas and is full of ambition and creativity. Implementation Organizing an official Guinness World Record South Africa Phone Number List break involves certain formal requirements. Please contact the Records Office. The specialists working there will help you go through all the require proceures and guidelines, such as the requirement of a judge or coordinator who will verify the result, help collect evidence and give the appropriate certificate when the record is broken.

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The organizer must provide record breaking participants with all materials enabling them to participate in the challenge. It’s nice if they take care of souvenirs that will allow them to remember their participation in this event for many years to come. Special offer Such an unconventional approach to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the IS Lists company should be adequately publicize in the meia. Inform the nearest press, radio and television eitorial offices about the organize event, reveal the details and provide the approximate number of participants. The more original the idea to break a world or Polish record, the more meia interest we will arouse. Additionally, don’t forget about the value and potential of your own social meia.

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