Mar 23, 2023
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We can distinguish the following strategic risk areas: – technological, in which it is impossible to achieve the set goals due to the use of outdate technology or ineffective production lines, – of a legislative and political nature, which results from the inability to immeiately adapt to changes resulting from new legal provisions or changes to acts, – relate to the loss of brand reputation (image) as a result of improper actions of the company or an image crisis resulting in a crisis situation , – ecological, relate to the company’s failure to adapt to the new requirements regarding the level of CO2 emissions.

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Air pollution or water consumption, – relate to the company’s survival on the market, resulting from fluctuations in demand and the activities of competitors, – maintaining financial liquidity, relate to the possibility of repaying amounts due to financial Fabricated Metal Manufacturers Email List institutions, suppliers, employees and business partners. The key to success in strategic risk management The development of an enterprise in a competitive market is a never-ending process. Once achieve, the position of a leader does not guarantee maintaining this state without the ability to react to signals coming from the environment.

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Even a well-recognize target group can change preferences over time. Therefore, in strategic management, the key to success is the ability to learn and adapt, as well as the ability to introduce changes in the organization . Currently, taking into account the principle of sustainable development, in order not to lag behind, it is necessary IS Lists to systematically measure and reuce the negative effects on the environment and prepare the company to meet future market requirements relate to environmental protection. Lack of reaction to the upcoming changes, lack of adaptation to new challenges and lack of willingness to cooperate with the environment may lead to the rapid disappearance of the company from the market. We recommend How to solve problems in a production company.

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