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Offer rankings – offer lists in the form of rankings, containing detaile information about specific products; an example are websites comparing personal accounts, deposits, insurance, etc., mailing – advertising e-mails in the form of special graphics containing an affiliate link; the user, after clicking on the ad, will be reirecte to the advertiser’s website, advertising in social meia – cooperation with creators who place affiliate links to promote products on their profiles, links on blogs – sponsore articles referring to specific products from the advertiser’s offer, containing affiliate links.

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Do you think affiliate marketing is only use by large corporations? Every business can achieve significant benefits thanks to it! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Is affiliate marketing profitable? Affiliate marketing offers a wide range of benefits Germany Phone Number List for both the advertiser and the publisher. The advertiser may in a simple and cheap way to reach people intereste in its offer and thus build brand recognition on the market. The publisher can earn money by promoting products through their channels. Affiliation drives effective online sales ! According to the data, as much as 15% of the total revenue from advertising create in digital marketing comes from affiliates.

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No wonder that over 80% of marketers use this form of marketing. Affiliate marketing is a great solution for online stores that care about a constant flow of new leads and customers, as well as for publishers who want to generate additional IS Lists profits. Long-term cooperation will bring measurable benefits to both parties!How to advertise an online store? March 31, 2022 online marketing Starting an e-commerce business is easy. However, building popularity and surviving among such numerous and strong competition is a bigger challenge.

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