Mar 21, 2023
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Traditional brand promotion includes: leaflets – one of the most popular traditional promotional solutions, use mainly by stationary stores; leaflet distribution can help build brand awareness , business cards – an inseparable element of every stationary company. Brand promotion on the Internet The Internet offers great opportunities. First of all, it allows you to reach a wide audience, improves contact with customers, spees up the purchasing path, and also facilitates building a competitive advantage. The basic tool for conducting digital marketing is a website. The website is a kind of brand’s showcase. It is often the first place a potential customer encounters.

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Therefore, it should be attractive, legible, and consistent with the mission and visual identification of the brand. To increase the visibility of the website on the web, it is worth getting intereste in SEO positioning and PPC advertising in search Bahamas Phone Number List engines. You can also use social meia to promote your brand online. Thanks to social meia, you can build large reach and maintain constant contact with your recipients. Digital promotion is also advertising on the radio or television. Traditional brand promotion or digital? We will show you the best way for your company! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Multi-channel brand promotion.

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The recipe for effective brand promotion is the integration of the traditional and digital channels. This is evidence by two consumer experiences – showrooming and webrooming. Showrooming is a process in which a potential customer sees IS Lists a product of interest. on TV, visits a stationary store to see it live, and then buys it online. Webrooming, or the ROPO effect , is a shopping path in which the customer sees an advertisement for a product on the Internet, checks it, compares it with others, and then buys it in a stationary store. Webrooming and showrooming intertwine many forms of marketing.

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