Oct 17, 2023
We’re LIVE Facebook Live that is

If you’ve been on facebook sometime in the last year, chances are that you’ve probably seen a facebook live video. The platform’s live streaming feature was made available to the public in april of 2016. Since then people have been going live in creative ways that cover a variety of topics.

From round table discussions with world leaders to exploding watermelons, there’s no shortage of interesting facebook live videos. The popularity and creativity of these videos have many businesses trying to find ways they can reach new customers.

In my blog today, I want to try and convince you that shooting your first facebook live video should be the next thing on your to-do list. Here are three benefits of going live.

Facebook live connects with your audience in real time

Simply put, live videos allow your customers see the real you. Going live means that you’re putting yourself “out there.” often times in these videos people fumble words and make mistakes. However, audiences enjoy this because it makes the videos feel “real” as compared to a video that was “produced.”

Additionally, because facebook phonelist allows viewers to comment on live videos as they’re going on, a natural conversation occurs with your audience. This sort of communication is perfect if you’re a business trying to connect with new or potential customers.

If I had to say one more thing about connecting with customers through facebook live, I’d have to talk about the location. By location I mean facebook itself. As the world’s largest social media platform, people of all ages are comfortable using and visiting facebook. They know their way around and understand the concept of commenting, liking, and sharing.

This combination of transparency, a large audience, and a familiar user experience make going live on facebook an idea worth trying.

Videos produce a higher engagement on social media

We live in a world where people would rather look at a picture than read text. As you can imagine, videos take it one more step further. People IS Lists would rather watch a video than look at pictures. We know this because videos on social media often produce more likes, shares, and comments.

For businesses that want to start producing videos without purchasing equipment or hiring professionals, going live could be the answer. Often shot with a mobile device, facebook makes it easy for anyone to go live.

You can also encourage more activity with your audience by asking questions or acknowledging your viewers during the video. With more engagement, however, there comes more responsibility. Keep your content free and fun. People are more willing to engage with videos that are interesting.

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