Oct 18, 2023
Web Analytics Tools to Level up Your Site

Matomo tells you where your visitors come from, what pages they visit, and what they do on them. Ethically. Matomo is a Google Analytics alternative designed with data privacy in mind. It protects your data owner and your visitors’ privacy. Professionals value Matomo for its lack of data sampling (you can analyze all of your data), open-source code, on-premise hosting, and breadth of features. Web Analytics Why you need it When visitors come to your site, they perform all sorts of actions that can show you how effective your website is as a marketing tool.

Matomo will help

You answer questions such as these: Is your website traffic growing or declining? Where do your visitors come from? Which navigation paths do your executive data visitors use (i.e., how do they find your most important pages)? How effective are your digital campaigns? How many visitors perform actions valuable to your business? What are the biggest bottlenecks for conversions and purchases? In other words, Matomo provides fundamental website data that’s hard to do digital marketing without. You may also need it for legal reasons. Google Analytics is illegal in some EU countries (or at least its default version), in which case you’ll need a GDPR-compliant alternative like Matomo.

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Some website events are more important than others: sales, form completions, downloads, specific page visits, etc. To monitor them, you can set up the “Goals” feature. Matomo IS Lists allows you to track various data related to your goals. You’ll know how many people completed the goal, where they came from, how performance changes over time, and which channels contribute to the goals the most. You can also assign revenue to your goals for easier ROI tracking. You can use the basic features of Matomo for free if you host it on your server. The cloud-hosted version starts at $23/month and depends on your monthly traffic. You can also get premium add-ons such as A/B testing, funnels, or heatmaps. This is something worth comparing to third-party tools that offer the same functionality.

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