Oct 18, 2023
Visual appearance strengthens

Advantages and distinguishing factors .Visual appearan of your product/service Your companys long-term vision You can find the content of your value proposition at the center of these three elements. All of this can be backe up and concretized with stories from your employees about how the value Visual appearance proposition is reflecte in your practical work. Stories bring emotion and meaning to a value proposition that is often very focuse on benefits. Ask what your employees are proud of what your customers thank you for and why they are your customers.

Your companys competitive advantages

And differentiating factors are studied and Visual appearan conceptualized for these five categories: Does the product have special features that make it different? Is b2b email list the service process the best or unique? What kind of customer experience is create when using the product/service? Can differentiation factors be created with the help of the brand and visual appearance. Is it possible to create a new and own market within the market only for the companys products? Through these questions we find completely new angles how to express the value

Product or service in a more meaningful

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Of your companys and distinctive way for your customers. Find out more about how to create a good value proposition here. III. GROWTH – Creating a marketing strategy that fuels growth IS Lists In the GROWTH phase the creation of the choices. Made into concrete plans begins. The purpose of the plans is to make marketing feed itself over time. It means that marketing has produced so much value for the target group that it has developed a brand image and positioned the company in the minds of the target group. In this case your

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