Oct 23, 2023
Video SEO How to Rank YouTube Videos on Google

That’s more views than the countless video embeds on our blog have sent us, which currently gets over 250,000 organic visits per month. In this post, you’ll learn how to rank your YouTube videos on Google in 5 easy steps. We’ve also included a few bonus tips on how to use videos to get more website traffic. But first, let’s make sure we’re on the same page… Video SEO is the process of getting more video views from Google and utilizing videos to increase organic traffic to your website. In this guide, we’ll focus mainly on the first part: getting more views from Google. What we’re not going to talk about is ranking videos higher on YouTube. If that’s your goal, read our full guide to YouTube SEO.

For a video to attract

Views from Google, two things have to be true: People need to be searching on Google for that topic. If nobody is searching for it, then nobody will click on your executive email list video even if it ranks. The topic must have “video intent.” This means that most searchers would prefer to watch a video about the subject instead of reading about it. Keyword research tools can help with finding topics that people are searching for. You can then look for videos in the search results to infer “video intent.” The logic here is that because Google aims to give users what they want, seeing videos in the search results is a clear sign that searchers want to watch a video. The question is, how can you find these topics easily?

Here are three ways

Use Content Explorer Content Explorer lets you search a database of over 1.1 billion web pages for mentions of a particular word or phrase. Within that index, there IS Lists are currently over 47 Video SEO million pages from YouTube. Make sure to avoid unnecessary fluff and distractions between instructions where possible. In other words, don’t go off on a tangent explaining how your mom once deviated from one of the steps and ended up with burnt rice. This will only reduce clarity, which may confuse Google’s language processing algorithms. The second is to ensure that your audio is clear and high quality. To do this, use a decent microphone and keep background noise to a minimum.

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