Mar 23, 2023
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An example may be interviews with artists or personalities of the fashion world, which he publishes on his Youtube channel Vogue or Elle Polska. Traditional meia are aware that their former readers look for information mainly on the Internet. By offering them interesting content, at least some of them may evoke nostalgia or curiosity, which will make them read the paper issue of the magazine. Another example is the Girlboss Radio podcast. Host Sofia Amaruso writes books, runs workshops and advises women who want to start a business.

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However, few people would remember it if it wasn’t for the podcast as a channel to reach potential customers. The average Instagram user spends 28 minutes a day, which is almost 3.5 hours a week. No one goes in there to watch ads for hours! Everyone Petroleum Manufacturers Email Lists has their own preferences, on the basis of which they select valuable – in their opinion – channels. This fact is use by most brands, from global ones to smaller ones, such as the Nadbużański Dom agritourism farm or the Malaya Jewelry jewelry company . Nadbużański Dom does not write directly about stay packages, but publishes idyllic photos of nature and inspiring culinary sessions with typical Bug food.

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Malaya Jewelley is a company operating in Bhutan, and fans are attracte to a large extent by the magic of views capture from a drone or sessions full of local models and landscapes. Both companies take advantage of the longing for the exotic IS Lists and the love of Instagram users for beautiful views. In this way, they can get them intereste in your offer. Modern and post-pandemic marketing Has the times of the pandemic influence modern marketing in any way? Researchers already say yes. The following changes must be taken into account: the customer’s purchasing path often looks different than before the pandemic.

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