Mar 22, 2023
Tough Conditions And Often Also Exerting Pressure

Group integration games by the fire, which are easy and pleasant, are, for example, charades. They can take place in a classic, film or music version. They do not require great organization and preparation, and they will be great as a form of integration. How to make puns Participants are divide into two or three groups (depending on the number of people). The selecte person from the group draws a password and has to present it in a creative way to his teammates. Their task is to guess the password in the shortest possible time. Teams are awarde points. The one who collects the most wins.

The Parties To The Conflict

Integration group games – even more ideas There are many ideas for an interesting group integration. We are limite only by our imagination and the team of employees we have. If they love sports – you can play a football or basketball match Bulk SMS France or go on a canoeing trip, for example, ending with a common feast by the fire. Fans of competition and adrenaline can take part in paintball base on a special scenario – such a game will provide each participant with extraordinary emotions. Integration games. If the group loves to sing, the perfect idea will be to test their abilities in group karaoke.

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Do Not Listen To The Arguments

An unconventional example is also a game calle “blind trust”, in which participants matche in pairs have to overcome a special obstacle course. The whole fun is that one person is blindfolde and the other is their guide. The team that completes IS Lists the track the fastest wins. As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities. The most important thing is to understand the nees of the team and organize them properly so that the integration brings the right results. Group games as a form of integration Every team has problems from time to time. It can be bad relations between employees, poor atmosphere, excess stress – all this affects the reuce effectiveness of the group.

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