Mar 22, 2023
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Shape employee relations – benefits Positive employee relations are a factor stimulating the development and involvement of employees, both at the level of the individual and the entire team, which also translates into a specific image of the organization. Hence, a well-coordinate team at work translates into specific values. What other benefits result from the establishe employee relations: increasing labor productivity, and thus increasing profit, reucing the risk of running a business, thanks to which you minimize unforeseen costs in the form of breakdowns, accidents at work, compensation payments, participation in lawsuits, etc.

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Increasing the motivation and trust of employees, reucing employee turnover, and thus reucing costs relate to recruitment and adaptation of new employees, improving opinions among potential employees, suppliers, customers and business Sri Lanka Phone Number List partners. Relations between employees and CSR According to the concept of corporate social responsibility, employees should be perceive as key stakeholders and the most valuable resource of the company, leading to its success on the market. Within this concept, care should be taken to: employee relations, cooperation between people team communication trust.

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Thanks to this, friendly working conditions are create and a positive image of the company as a valuable employer is create. Taking care of employee relations is therefore a unique source of competitive advantage. CSR What actions are IS Lists take as part of CSR to shape appropriate employee relations? It is particularly important to ensure safety at work, to prevent discrimination of any kind, to respect privacy, to protect personal data, and to implement practices aime at better protection and implementation of employees’ rights.

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