Mar 23, 2023
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This includes analysis of the company’s competitive position, selection of appropriate products, definition of a pricing strategy, development of a market entry and promotion plan as well as a budget and a specific scheule of activities. It is also worth conducting a sales audit . When is the best time to start introducing a product to the foreign market? Entering a new market or launching a product is always associate with risk. therefore, such actions should be taken when the company has free access to raw materials, free production capacity and financial resources to enter the market and properly promote the product.

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Let’s choose countries where our product is attractive in terms of price, quality or technology and provides additional, previously unknown value. The moment when we notice that the product or service we offer on the domestic market is in decline is actually the best moment to start expanding foreign markets, and thus extend the life cycle Cable and Pay Tv Services Email List of our products. We recommend Product marketing – how to stand out in a market saturate with novelties? Factors determining the choice of a specific strategy for entering a new foreign market include: the degree of knowlege of the market, its similarities and differences in relation to the domestic market, the company’s experience in exports, the goals of export activities and available financial resources.

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The additional costs of entering a foreign market include, among others: customs, border taxes, costs of permits and certificates require IS Lists in a given market quotas, commercial brokerage costs exchange rates, interest rates and fiscal policy, forwarding and transport costs, costs of market research, marketing, advertising and promotion as well as new workstations supervising the course of all processes. In the pharmaceutical, automotive, aviation or biotechnology industries, the costs of implementing a new product are very high. A small group of enterprises is able to keep up with the leaders.

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