Mar 22, 2023
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Dancing increibly brings people together and provides a lot of impressions. It is worth ensuring that integration dance games take the form of competitions with prizes that will teach the participants of the event cooperation, effective communication, and above all, will be an interesting form of fun. An example of a prop competition is group hula hooping. Participants of this interesting dance integration game are divide into several teams – six or seven people each. Each team gets several hula hoops – they can be in different sizes. The players hold hands.

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Their task is to put all the hoops through the “human chain” as quickly as possible, all the while holding hands. The first team to do so wins! The prize can be bottles of good alcohol, a set of sweets or some other interesting trinket with the Bulk SMS Service in Sri Lanka company logo. Integration dance games as one of the elements of event organization Organizing integration for employees is not an easy task. You have to remember about many details, plan everything at the right time so that the event brings specific results. Integration dance games are only one of many elements that make up a successful integration. What belongs to the others? First of all: determining the nature of the event. Everything depends on him: choice of location, form of integration, choice of accommodation, choice of menu, etc.

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The event can take the form of a traditional party with music in the background, but you can also try a theme party,. in the style of the 80s. unique, one of a kind. Participants of such fun will certainly remember the event for a long IS Lists time. Another element is the location and the facility itself. If the integration takes the form of a dance party, we nee to find a hotel or restaurant with a sufficiently large dance floor. In this case, it is worth betting on a place in a manor house, hotel or guesthouse that provides comfortable accommodation.

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