Mar 23, 2023
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Novices and beginners do not have to immeiately decide on high-end equipment, but experience anglers will rather look for an advance construction reel that will meet their expectations. Corona Fishing. Opinions about reels for experience anglers Even an inexperience angler knows how important the reel is. Experience players, however, are aware that the type of fish that can be caught depends on the reel. It is worth choosing equipment from proven manufacturers. Modern reels appear on the market that have additional functions.

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It is important to follow trends in this area, read specialist press and watch deicate programmes. Reels differ in shape, size and quality. Let’s choose models that meet our expectations. And if we do not know what is neee to start the adventure with France Business Fax List fishing, it is best to rely on the opinion of experts. Reel parameters – opinion of Corona Fishing experts. The gear ratio, or actually their number, is one of the most important parameters of the reel. We should choose them primarily for the preferre method of fishing. It is the gear ratio that is responsible for the winding spee of the line in relation to the rotation of the reel. They are describe by two digits separate by a colon.

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How to read such a record? Let’s take an example of a 5:1 gear ratio, in which the spool of the reel will turn 5 times for one turn of the handle. 6:1 is six turns of the spool per turn, etc. The choice of the appropriate gear ratio should also IS Lists be adjuste to individual preferences. It is said that it is best to choose reels with a gear ratio of 5.2:1 and higher for spinning, but there are some anglers who, using the same method, opt for a much faster 6:1 ratio. Corona Fishing. Opinions on the spee of the reel Remember that there are reels on the market deicate to various fishing methods. One of the most popular are carp. As the name suggests, the tackle is perfect for carp fishing.

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