Mar 23, 2023
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These two key steps will take you to a specific marketing strategy for your product. Product marketing strategy increases profits After defining the target group and analyzing the competition, we should precisely set the goals of the strategy and choose the tools. In order for all our activities to be optimal, you should decide to operate within a specific model that the product marketing strategy will adopt. Skimming strategy – quick “creaming”. It assumes the launch of the product on the market at an inflate price, with intensive promotional activities.

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After time – a gradual reuction of the price, as a result of gaining the trust of the appropriate group of customers and with a decrease in demand. Then, as sales increase, so does profit. This strategy is most successful for novelties and food products Bulk SMS Austria that do not have much competition. Slow cream-skimming strategy. It refers to the previous strategy, but gives much later effects. It assumes the reuction of marketing expenses. will work when the company occupies an unthreatene position and can afford such action within one product. Rapid market penetration strategy.

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It assumes setting a low price of the product with very intensive marketing and promotional activities. Their consequence will be intensive market entry and quite fast stable profits. Strategy of free market penetration. It is base on setting a low IS Lists price and limiting expenses for promotional purposes. The slowest and requires a lot of knowlege and practice. Aime at companies that have a stable position of leaders in their segment with strong competition, and their consumers are sensitive to high prices. On our website, we describe in detail specific models of marketing strategies.

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