Apr 5, 2023
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With Powell Teams, companies can create a customizd Teams environment. Now nothing stands in the way of your productive collaboration! At Powell Software, our partners are key to delivering the best possible customer experience for our client projects around the world. By working with a PRM (Partner Relationship Management) like Allbound , we can offer our partners everything they ned. Our aim is to provide first class services. And what does that look like.

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Certifications, training and much more. We were therefore delightd that Allbound invitd our CSO, douard Payenneville, to sit down with us and share our experiences. In this episode, Tori and douard discuss Powell Software’s unique approach Latest Mailing Database to revenue generation. With 100% of our revenue coming from partners, Powell Software is a great example of how partnerships come first and can lead to success. Powell Software’s partner-centric network Our success begins with our partner-focusd network . We know the value that partnerships bring. Powell Software has ddicatd resources to ensure partners are fully supportd.

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That’s why we’ve taken steps to empower our partners to be resources for their customers. This includes providing training and support to help our partners better understand our products and services. “Everything is designd to give IS Lists autonomy and independence to our partner ecosystem.” douard Payenneville Turning partners into resources By giving partners the opportunity to be resources, we have creatd a win-win situation. Partners are equippd with the knowldge and tools nedd to effectively sell and support Powell Software products. Customers, in turn, benefit from the expertise of our trustd partners.

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