Oct 21, 2023
The use of hybrid communication media

The use of hybrid communication meia within a multi-channel strategy davide rossi . Use_of_hybrid_communication_means_within_a_multichannel_strategy in the era we live in. Purchasing a product or service is no longer a linear and preictable process. In the field of digital marketing. The vision of a non-linear funnel represente by new.  Models capable of better describing a user’s buyer journey. From the awareness phase to the purchase phase. Is now consolidate. How multichannel . Strategies are develope this new approach to the target requires companies . And communication professionals to develop strategies that.  Effectively and in a virtuous way integrate a plurality of proprietary and.  Third-party touch points. In order to attract the attention of the public segment of interest. 

How multichannel strategies are developed

It is necessary to keep the target engage by offering content. And information of interest to them until they are encourage to convert. The advantage of structuring latest database a communication and.  Engagement strategy base on the use of digital channels is mainly base on.  4 key elements: the size of the target audience the possibility of targeting.  Messages the permeability and integration between channels. Performance measurement through specific kpis you might be intereste in: “Integrate communication: phases. Tools. Methods” focus on potential consumers however. Potential consumers. The object of a multi-channel strategy. Are not people who operate exclusively within a digital context. 

Focus on potential consumers


They are individuals who are expose . Every day to a plurality of messages and stimuli IS Lists through an ever-growing . Range of online and offline channels. Which accompany them throughout their daily lives. In some cases these messages also arrive at the same time (e.G. Use of second screen) and move freely between them. Creating an even richer and more complex path than the merely online one. Message targeting and kpis targeting_of_messages_and_kpi the technological development of “Traditional” means of communication. Now increasingly hybrid. Provides the possibility of combining the classic.  Benefits of offline means with some of the typical characteristics of . Planning in online means describe above.

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