Oct 11, 2023
The Us Anti-spam Law Does Not Bring Immediate Success

A few weeks have passed since the US anti-spam law (Can-Spam Act) went into effect.  Yet Internet servers and anti-spam companies say they have detected. Little variation in the amount of spam The Anti-spam intercepted. For example, 80% of emails processed in mid-December by Postini. An email security company, were spam, compared to 84% in the first week of January. The company attributes this higher percentage to the decrease in legitimate emails sent during a less active work period.


Anti-spam filter companies

Like Bright mail have also not detected a change in the volume of this type of email. The company spokesperson warns that, although. It is still too executive email list early to draw conclusions about. The effect of the new law. The figures appear to contradict Bright mail’s. Predictions that spam levels would increase this year. For their part, Internet servers such as Yahoo and AOL have not. Experienced variations either. However, proponents of the new law ask for patience and warn against forming unrealistic expectations.


Thus, the executive director of

The Network Advertising Initiative, Trevor Hughes, believes that the effect of. This law will be visible when the Federal IS Lists Trade Commission and state. Prosecutors begin to use The Anti-spam their power to enforce it. Regarding the work of marketers. The FTC states that most of them have complied with the law. But perhaps the decrease in the volume of spam. Will be due to the mechanisms to unsubscribe from. Unwanted emails, so it would be. An individual process for each company from the point of view of consumers.

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