Mar 22, 2023
The Traditional Method Of Employee Development

We recommend Hotel advertising campaign – how to stand out from the competition? Below are examples of successful ideas for online sales campaigns for tourist services: a house for rent in the mountains – the story of a family that move to the mountains, built a house on their own, and now puts their whole heart into serving guests, it will sell better than ordinary advertising. Weekend in the vineyard – instead of talking about the grapes and history of the region, you can refer to cult films, such as “Borderlands” or “Bitter Wine.

The Potential Of E Learning

Recreate the same atmosphere of detachment from everyday life and confessions after a few glasses of wine in the promotional clips. Holidays in Egypt – instead of an uninspiring company website, focus on selling tourist services through an extensive Costa Rica Phone Number List blog and video channel full of inspiration and advice. Examples of niches that can attract customers are solo female travel or travel advice for large families. Integration trips for companies – go to the Dwór Korona Karkonoszy website , full of advice, information and inspiration for anyone who is thinking about organizing a company trip.

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In the above examples, the sale of tourist services is done incidentally. You don’t have to persuade the customer with clever ads or banners. Instead, he wants to use your content himself. And then – perhaps – he will book a trip or a room IS Lists with you. For more similar ideas for selling travel services in today’s challenging market, visit our blog and Commplace experts.Image-building activities – be visible on the Internet March 5, 2022 online marketing Internet activity is very important in running a business. The Internet is a powerful meium that gives entrepreneurs a lot of opportunities.

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