Oct 21, 2023
The Success of This Case is That It Finds a Balance Between These Four Areas

Working to strengthen the brand in front of a carefully selected target The Success audience. Now that we can show and understand how the 4p sets of marketing or marketing mix work, it is time to understand what each of them does. hurry up? 1. Product P The company needs to offer Four Areas something. The product here must also include the services provided by the company. But that’s not the main focus of this pillar. This product helps your team understand and define what attributes and characteristics are available in the products you offer.

Desires of Four Areas

How, when and where will customers use it? How is his health? What’s its name? What is the brand? How is it different from other products and services already on the market? This is also a time to understand the life cycle of your product or service. How is it performing in the market? To understand, use the company data cycle of a tree in the natural Costa Rica world as a basis: a seed is planted (introduction); sprouts (grow); in addition to strengthening the roots (maturity), leaves and branches begin to grow; then it Begins to Phone Number List shrink and eventually die (decline).

The Survival of a Company

This pillar will predict the future of your company, because through the circulation of money you will be able to pay your officials, suppliers, make investments and receive the profits IS Lists you deserve. Some questions to answer: What is the value of your product or service to buyers? What is the price range for products and services in each distribution area? What is customer behavior related to price? How much are you willing to pay for the product you offer? What is the price limit?

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