Oct 21, 2023
The second law of your business: Test the market

Dropbox entered a hyper-competitive market late and poorly. And yet it was a success because it applied two fundamental criteria when launching a “consumer” application:

Do one thing well, and only one. Without requiring the consumer to change their habits: Viralize. If you use Dropbox it is almost certainly because a friend sent The second you a link. By email and you have done the same with others. Users are the best and cheapest sales force that exists.

The old Henry Ford formula

No longer applies, the customer can choose. The car of any color he wants, as long as it is black . Now it is better to think that the first task of every company is to create customers and that, therefore, if only one color is going to be manufactured, it will be better for this to be the one they prefer.

This model starts from some initial hypotheses about the product and about the customers , and then enters into a learning process by trial and error in which real customers company data will be the ones who help the company design a repeatable, scalable and profitable business model. correcting the business model in the first phases of the company.

Before going to an investor The second

It is recommended to test the service or product you want to offer in the real market . If you pass this test successfully, your business will cause greater confidence and attractiveness IS Lists in potential investors. Professor and entrepreneur Steve Blank proposed in his book The Four Steps to the Epiphany the conceptual scheme and work plan he called customer development .


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