Mar 25, 2023
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Check how we can help you! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Examples of business indicators affecting the company’s efficiency In companies focuse on continuous improvement and increase in competitiveness, performance indicators play an important role at many levels of management. To support the achievement of goals, they should be: simple, current, relevant, clear and measurable. Examples of indicators use in marketing include: the number of new newsletter subscribers, the number of fans on Facebook, the number of complete contact forms.

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The cost of one click on a paid advertisement or the return on marketing expenditure. Examples of indicators use in online sales are: the number of page views of individual product pages, the number of visits to the website resulting in a purchase, or the Holding and Investment Offices Email List time spent on the e-shop website. In turn, the examples of financial ratios include: the value of profit, the average margin or the cost of an hour of work. Efficiency indicators are also use in logistics average shipping time of ordere goods, value of rotating goods in the warehouse), as well as in sales. average order value, number of new customers, duration of the sales process, number of customers per one employee of the department sales.

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Call-center the number of calls made or the number of transactions in relation. To the number of calls) Business metrics help you focus on.  What matters most and add value to your decisions. Thanks to them, we obtain valuable feeback that helps IS Lists to see the effects of work.  Ad identify the right people to carry out specific activities. Logistics problems in an online company August 10, 2021 industries. Logistics problems in an online company Previously, the corporate delivery process was largely hidden from the view of the customer. While there were no empty shelves in the store.  Logistic problems in the company were not felt by the average customer.

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