Oct 21, 2023
The new version of Illustrator for iPad

This could mean that syndicat content (for example. On mium) will rank over your own site content. Google advises that. To mitigate this situation. You should: make sure any site syndicating your content includes a link back to the original article. Consider asking those who use your syndicat content to include the “noindex” meta tag so that search engines don’t index their page. If possible. You could also include the “rel=canon” tag to link to the original source (i.e. The article on your website) of the syndicat piece.


Types of content to consider there are many


 This makes it clear to google which version africa email list of the content is the original one. You should also avoid syndicating every single post on your website. Aside from probably being a bad return on your time invest. This could cause problems with google. Types of content to consider there are many different ways you could syndicate your content – and it’s worth remembering that syndicating doesn’t necessarily mean reproducing the entire article. Sometimes. You may offer an excerpt of your piece rather than the entire piece. Here are some good starting points: mium – an online publishing platform that many bloggers use to share their content.


Potentially also by their connections

 Mium automatically includes an “originally publish at” link to your IS Lists  website when you import your article (which mium calls a “story”). Linkin pulse – linkin’s native itorial platform where it is possible to publish content that will be seen by your efollowers network. Potentially also by their connections. You may also want to reach out to websites and blogs in your industry that may be potentially interest in syndicating your content. For example. You could offer one of your blog posts to republish as a guest post. (you could reciprocate by offering to syndicate some of their content on your blog.

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