Mar 21, 2023
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The more qualifie employees you have, the better services/products you can offer, and thus – achieve greater success on the market. What methods are worth using? Live training, the traditional method of employee development Training organize on a neutral ground is an effective form of employee development. Participants can completely cut themselves off from everyday duties and fully focus on the presente training material. The most effective trainings are those conducte in the Kolba cycle. Kolb’s learning cycle is divide into 4 stages: experience, reflection, theory and practice.

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Such trainings are more interesting and enable the acquisition of knowlege in a way tailore to individual nees. Specialize in-house training aime at developing specific skills was especially popular before the coronavirus pandemic. Today, online Spain Phone Number List training is use more often. Are you looking for interesting methods of employee development? We know how to play games, team-building trips and more! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you The potential of e-learning E-learning is an effective method of employee development using Internet tools.

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Online training consists of pre-recorde lectures, after which participants must take a knowlege test. The advantage of e-learning is the ability to learn at any time. Employees can decide for themselves when they want to carry out the IS Lists training. Mentoring and coaching Mentoring and coaching are interesting methods of employee development. is support and advice provide by a mentor who is a specialist in a given industry and has extensive knowlege. Mentoring is a good solution for employees at the beginning of their career path.

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