Mar 21, 2023
The Foreign Market Including The Way Intereste

You nee to start investing in such marketing activities if you want to generate similar traffic to your website from these sources. The latest trends in e-commerce: Youtube, Tik-tok and what else? Since August, Tik-Tok has launche a pilot sales program through its platform. For now, it’s available in the UK and the US, and celebrities like Kylie Jenner were the first to test it. Will this soon be a way to sell effectively on the Internet? It cannot be rule out, although ethical questions arise here. Every fourth user of this platform is age 10-19, and this must tempt advertisers.

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It is increasingly difficult to reach children through traditional TV advertising, and on Tik-Tok young people are susceptible to suggestion and completely open to the message coming from influencers. We recommend Social meia – how to include Benin Phone Number List them in PR activities? Youtube also notice that it is worth joining channels offering effective online sales. This is possible in several different ways: advertisements while playing videos on other channels, links in video descriptions, side panel ads, promoting a sales video on the home page. New functionalities are constantly emerging, so it is possible that soon we will be buying by touching on the screen.

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The clothes or equipment with which the influencer appears in his video. Another idea for effective online sales through this platform is to create tutorials, showing, for example, how the purchase in your store is going, how your offer looks compare to IS Lists others or how to use items from the offer. Don’t forget about affiliate links that allow you to sell through influencer channels on both Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. There are many ways to successfully sell online We know how to implement it in your company! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Amazon and Allegro and online sales.

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