Mar 22, 2023
The Criteria For Selecting Members Should Result

Integration at work is not always possible when the company has branches in different cities or countries. A company banquet is a great opportunity for some employees to finally get to know each other in person. We recommend Does an integration meeting make sense? Why is it worth organizing a company banquet? The company’s jubilee, a prestigious award, changes in leading positions, establishing strategic cooperation with a new partner, the premiere of a new product, the opening of new outlets – these are just some examples of occasions to celebrate in the form of a banquet.

From The Tasks Set For The Team

Company banquet – dress code Each invitation to a company banquet should contain information about the “dress code. what attire will be in Vietnam Phone Number List force during the meeting. The choice is usually determine by the meeting place and the time of day. It is appropriate to wear a different outfit during an elegant dinner than during a grand gala. In order not to overdo it, it is worth betting on typical classics: a suit and a cocktail dress. If the company banquet is a form of an elegant gala, you can come in a tuxeo or evening dress. Sometimes it happens.

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As Well As Personal Preispositions

That the event has its own leitmotif, then you should choose clothes that will match the nature of the event. When it comes to the IS Lists colors of the outfit for a company banquet, it is best to choose subdue colors and tasteful pastels: blues, beiges, powder pinks. In the evening, you can choose darker colors: deep navy blue, bottle green, chocolate browns. In turn, elegant white and black are reserve rather for larger galas. We recommend 10 years of the company? There’s something to celebrate! A company banquet is a unique opportunity to dress differently than on a daily basis.

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