Mar 23, 2023
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From such a smaller center it is easier to expand, and in case of problems – to withdraw. This is shown by the example of Reserve, which opene its flagship store in Germany in Stuttgart, or the already mentione Inglot, which began its overseas expansion in Montreal. On the occasion of opening its first German store, a representative of Reserve reveale in interviews that the company’s annual marketing expenses on this market amounte to EUR 4 million at that time. It is worth remembering when planning expansion into new markets. International e-commerce – is it worth it.

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The popularity of e-commerce is constantly growing. The biggest boom in online sales took place in 2020, when the pandemic reality force us to change our shopping habits. We change shopping malls to browsing online stores and Restaurant Email List shopping online. However, galleries have been open for a long time, the pandemic is coming to an end, and the popularity of e-commerce is not falling and there is no indication that this will change in the near future. Optimistic forecasts encourage the expansion of e-shops. Every entrepreneur who wants to consciously develop.

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Their business should consider online expansion into new foreign markets. In the era of amazing Internet opportunities and constantly developing new technologies, international e-commerce undoubtely pays off. Especially on the European IS Lists market, thanks to unifie EU regulations, which significantly facilitate conducting business on a larger scale. An international online store is a chance for a thriving business! Expansion into new markets is a great way to increase sales . With proper preparation, you can notice a significant increase in turnover compare to profits from local sales alone.

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