Mar 21, 2023
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The advertiser pays for the effect!Analytical marketing: definition and types April 2, 2022 online marketing It is estimate that half of the expenditure on marketing activities is unnecessary. This is often due to the mismatch between advertising messages and recipients. Analytics may be the solution. What is analytics marketing? Types and types of analytical marketing What is analytics marketing? Analytical marketing is a special variation of classic marketing that uses accurate information about customers obtaine through various types of research.

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The purpose of such action is to increase sales by maximally matching the create marketing content to the customer profile, competition as well as other aspects resulting from a given market. Do you want to direct your content to customers as France Phone Number List effectively as possible? Use analytical marketing in your activities! Enter your e-mail, we will contact you Types and types of analytical marketing The first type is geomarketing. Geomarketing allows you to plan promotional activities base on geospatial data. GIS (Geographic Information System) software is use to carry out the analyses. The most frequently performe analysis is modeling the optimal location.

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Helpful when introducing a product to the market. The second form of analytical marketing is neuromarketing. These are all IS Lists activities base on psychological and psychophysical research. Research shows how people respond to given advertising stimuli. What’s more, the use of neuromarketing allows you to adjust advertising messages to the recipients as much as possible. Behavioral marketing, otherwise known as behavioral targeting, is directing the Internet user’s attention to specific content base on his previous behavior on the website.

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