Mar 22, 2023
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In other words – it is hiring an external company that takes over some of the responsibilities relate to the functioning of the company, in this case with the employment and management of employees. The external company searches for and employs employees who perform work for the company. It is worth mentioning that leasing does not apply to the employee himself, but to the work performe by him. The basis of the contract are therefore specific services that the employe person undertakes to perform. Who provides employee outsourcing services? Employees can be “borrowe” from another company (outsource company) or use the services of an employment agency.

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The second option is more popular. An employer who decides to cooperate with an employment agency is oblige to sign an appropriate agreement under which he transfers some of his duties to the agency. It grants her a power of attorney, thus Cyprus Phone Number List entrusting her with the management of personnel matters. The employment agency deals with recruitment processes from start to finish – it finds candidates, conducts interviews, signs contracts with employees on behalf of the employer and completes all formalities. In addition, it takes care of personnel matters, regulates fees.

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The Tax Office and ZUS, pays salaries to employees, sends them for periodic examinations, and organizes training for employees. The issue of employment agencies may also include the implementation of incentive systems and the provision IS Lists of mentoring and coaching services. We recommend Internal training as a way to bring out the team’s potential Who can benefit from outsourcing? Employee outsourcing is a good solution for large corporations that employ many employees. Mass HR processes take a lot of time, so it is worth entrusting them to an experience employment agency.

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