Mar 25, 2023
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All this also applies to employer branding activities . We recommend HR policy models – which one to implement and why? Planning over time You can divide the team’s work planning by time horizon. Then we distinguish planning: – strategic (including marketing planning ), the development of which is estimate to take more than 5 years, – long-term, lasting from 2 to 5 years (mainly these are tasks conducive to a higher goal), – meium-term, the duration of which is usually estimate from several months to a year (it consists of auxiliary tasks in achieving long-term goals), – short-term operational.

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Estimate for up to three months, – current, covering daily tasks or tasks that take up to a week. The role of the leader in planning the team’s work An effective employee team should have a leader who will be able to influence the behavior of other team Tobacco Products Manufacturers Email List members. Every team should have someone who takes responsibility for the people working in it. Someone who will unite them around the purpose of the company and plan the path to the goal. Leadership as a process is the use of influence with the intention of shaping the goals of the organization and motivating the behavior of individual team members aime at achieving these goals. Leadership is about more than administering people.

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It is the ability to motivate, show a goal and give inspiration for further development. The leader is responsible for outlining and properly IS Lists communicating the vision guiding the team during everyday work, which enables effective internal communication . The leader takes over contacts with the environment, defends the interests of the team and removes emerging obstacles. It is his attitude and behavior that significantly affects whether the team will achieve above-average results. We recommend Sales efficiency The leader can make suggestions as one of the team members.

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