Mar 25, 2023
That They Spend A Few Seconds In Your Store

Even the simplest store engine offers the option of setting a few basic recommendations. In addition, you can also opt for Google Ads and other ads that will be displaye to users base on their searches . Recommendation systems can also be use in social meia. Shopping and promoting options on Instagram are getting more and more advance. You can now offer ads for your products to people who follow specific brands and use selecte hashtags.

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Additionally, recommendations work great in newsletters. Base on previous purchases, offer customers a set with a discount or free shipping. Many will appreciate that they do not have to shop and choose products from the beginning. This is especially Biotechnology Email List valuable in the case of cyclical purchases . a cat owner buys food and litter every month). External recommendation systems – a threat or an opportunity? Recommendation systems are one thing. You also nee to look at those that exist on external portals. These include, among others: suggeste products in Google Shopping and ads, products in comparison websites – Ceneo, sets propose by bloggers, portals and magazines.

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Perhaps your products are not yet in these places. You don’t feel it positively or negatively. Although it can be painful, check if your competitors do not use recommendation systems in Google Shopping or It may turn out that IS Lists when the customer is looking for what is the cheapest or the best from you, his attention is reirecte to the offers of competitors that are displaye as advertisements for such query results. You don’t know how much sales you’re losing because of it. It is known for sure that you could only gain from such a campaign. Pay attention not only to your direct competition.

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