Mar 25, 2023
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The “unicorn generation” wants to fulfill themselves at work, set goals and does not like when mistakes are pointe out to them. It is precisely them that can be reache using feeforward as a method of solving problems in the organization . A young employee will not be discourage when you offer him new solutions. An experience manager, on the other hand, will feel better if he gets some kind of coaching instead of talking about past shortcomings. All this positively affects employer branding , and internal communication in the company becomes more effective. We recommend Derecruitment, dismissal in white gloves Advantages of the feeforward approach.

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The requirements of employees for the workplace are increasing. Sieve approaches don’t work anymore. Word of a toxic work environment spreads quickly, and employees avoid such places. Today, feeforward is a novelty, but it is possible that it will soon Finance and Banking Email List become a market standard. There is already a lot of talk about non-violent dialogue and not excluding employees. Feeforward as a method fits perfectly into this type of approach. A work environment in which the boss clearly lets you know what he thinks about the employee’s mistakes is slowly becoming a thing of the past. It’s also convenient from the boss’s point of view.

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This allows you to skip the unpleasant and time-consuming step of feeback and go straight to the point. Criticizing employees and pointing out their mistakes is not pleasant. Especially since it can give you nothing anyway. Here, you leave the IS Lists assessment of the situation to yourself, but you can immeiately go to what the development of your company will bring. If feeback in a company is usually given in groups or within a team, then the feeforward approach will significantly reuce tension and improve the well-being of employees. It is a set of tips and ideas for the future tailore to individual preispositions. It will work much better than pointing out the faults of one employee, while the other receives praise.

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