Oct 18, 2023
Teams are able to segment the public

However, unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing has technology as a great facilitator . Right? Thus, he can achieve all these objectives more efficiently, making use of the various Internet channels — websites, blogs, social networks, email marketing… Digital Marketing is still excellent for strengthening the brand and, consequently, making better sales! Still not convinc? Follow me: What does Digital Marketing mean for a professional in the field? Those who are not in the field tend to think that a Digital Marketing professional is that person who spends all day on Instagram , but, in fact, working with digital strategies goes far beyond managing social networks.

Why is Digital Marketing essential for your company

In fact, one thing I usually emphasize is: marketers also ne to understand sales ! There’s no point in producing content frequently, attracting thousands of followers, and not knowing what to do to convert them into customers. After all, no one wants to invest in something to lose money, right? Furthermore, it is necessary to understand people . This is because Internet marketing is a two-way street: brands are in contact with customers all the time, receiving positive or negative feback . Therefore, knowing the persona new database and knowing how to relate to them is essential. It saw? Another issue that professionals ne to keep in mind is that plann strategies will not always bring the expect results.

Why is Digital Marketing essential for

New database

There is no magic formula . Making mistakes is part of the process and you ne to know how to deal with it. However, one of the great advantages of Digital Marketing is that it offers enough data to check where the error is and correct it. This is what Guilherme calls “ making mistakes in an organiz way ”: Guilherme de Bortoli, CEO of Orgânica“It’s not a question of sympathizing with the error, but of learning to make mistakes in a more organiz way. Within Digital Marketing , the more data you have to IS Lists support your choices , the greater the chance of getting it right or understanding where you went wrong.

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