Mar 23, 2023
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Reel with front top brake Its main advantage is low weight (as oppose to models with a bottom brake) and the ability to accommodate a large number of bearings. It should also be pointe out that this type of reel is characterize by very high resistance to mechanical damage and high precision. It is also relatively easy to maintain and clean, which for many will be an unquestionable advantage. Reel with rear bottom drag The main difference between this reel and the top drag model is the gear which is designe to stop the line. Rather, it is chosen by experience anglers who plan to catch large fish.

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For less experience people, the operation may prove problematic, especially during the first contact with the reel. Free running reel It is most often chosen by anglers who want to fish with the ground method. The droppe set is place on supports and the Dubai Business Fax List so-calle free run. The fish that catches the bait can freely pull the line out of the spool. The most important parameters according to Corona Fishing experts. Feeback and recommendations. We presente the basic types of reels and their most common applications. The time has come for a handful of practical tips, thanks to which we will choose the perfect model.

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It is worth taking a look at the most important parameters that will have a direct impact on the comfort of use and the quality of the reel. In our store, we offer products of well-known and proven brands, but a recognize manufacturer is not IS Lists everything that specialists from Corona Fishing know very well. Opinions found on the Internet can also be helpful, but choosing the most appropriate equipment is also a very individual matter. What works for one angler will not necessarily be necessary for another. A lot also depends on our budget, because reels can be bought for several hundre or several thousand zlotys.

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