Oct 25, 2023
The economy could be a factor

The economy could be a factor
Is your business viable? Are you happy with your digital marketing program? Well. If the economy isn’t great. This could be a factor that will impact your business. The exact nature of how the economy will impact the business all depends on the type of business it is.
However. If there is an economic recession or other economic difficulty. This could definitely harm your business and cause sales to dip. If this is the case. Digital marketing won’t make a difference. If people don’t want to spend the money on products or services like yours. That is something outside of your control.

Consider seasonality of your business

Consider seasonality of your business
Seasonality is another factor that has nothing to do with digital marketing. If you identify a seasonal pattern. Though. You know that you can use marketing to your advantage. If you special data are a b2b. Then you may have notic that you have an uptick of inquiries in the spring. With many new customers coming in during the autumn months.

This is a seasonal consideration

Well. This is a seasonal consideration. And you can structure your digital marketing to make the most of this pattern. Though. No amount of digital marketing will cause the pattern to change. Your market or industry determin this.
As you can see. Digital marketing won’t solve or impact all that is going on with your business. Your business could ne to IS Lists modernize. The economy could be down. Or you are dealing with some seasonal patterns. This is all worth keeping in mind as you come up with your digital marketing strategy

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Oct 25, 2023
It’s true that digital marketing can help businesses

It’s true that digital marketing can help businesses achieve their goals. Whether it is making sales. Creating more engagement with the brand online. Generating leads. And more. The digital marketing strategy will help achieve them.
What happens. Though. If digital marketing isn’t resulting in an uptick in business? Well. No strategy can fix something that is a deeper business issue. Digital marketing can only get you so far.
Your business could ne to modernize

Business environments change

Over time. Business environments change. What us to do well as a business at one time could be outdat and not reflect the times. Are you trying to get customers for your product or service. But no matter what you try. It doesn’t latest database  seem to be working? You could have the best digital marketing strategy laid out for your business. But if the business itself is too outdat. Your target market won’t resonate with it.

Remember that a business that did very well ten years ago

Remember that a business that did very well ten years ago may currently be out of date. We have seen this happen. Where a business concept was creat out of reaction to the industry climate. Unfortunately. The industry could have mov on. Leaving your company behind.
If you find that your leads are down and sales are lagging. This may not be the fault of your digital marketing program. Your IS Lists business could be out of date. The solution here would be find a way to adapt your business to the changes in your industry and then create a new digital marketing strategy after that.

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Oct 25, 2023
Your number one goal on social mia is to attract

Your number one goal on social mia is to attract and appeal to your target demographic. One demographic may prefer content that is well-detail. Including data and numbers. While another demographic may enjoy short and sweet text with images. Your social mia has to align with your target audience in order to achieve your goals.

If your target demographic resides in a specific region

If your target demographic resides in a specific region. You can target some of your content to that region. Your audience will feel closer to new data you knowing that you care about what’s going on in their world instead of trying to speak to everyone. They will know that you understand them and their nes.

Knowing your target audience demographic is important

Knowing your target audience demographic is important for your social mia marketing strategy. If you ignore your demographics. You are essentially ignoring the people who are most likely to visit your website and purchase what you have to offer. Demographics are a large part of social mia. So finding out where you IS Lists should be and what you should be posting is what will take your business to the next level.
Digital marketing can only go so far

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Oct 25, 2023
By knowing your target audience

By knowing your target audience. You can create social mia personas to align perfectly with them. Knowing this information allows you to focus on the appropriate social mia platforms and create content your target demographic wants to consume and explore further by visiting your website.
It’s important not to confuse target audience and demographics. While they are relat. Demographics refer to things such as age. Ucation. Location. Income. And gender. These characteristics can help you appeal to the people who will be most interest in buying your products and services.

Choose platforms wisely

 Choose platforms wisely
Your target demographics will use specific platforms. One demographic is new database  typically not attract to all of the social mia platforms because they all have something different to offer. Posting on social mia without understanding where your target demographic spends time leaves you in limbo. You are talking to everyone while talking to no one in particular. When you understand your demographic and where they are spending their time. Your content is guarante to reach them.

One way of finding where your target demographic

One way of finding where your target demographic is most active is to check out your competitors. Since you share the same audience. You can monitor their accounts to see what people are saying and how the target demographic is IS Lists responding. This will not only help in your use of the platform. But create fresh content as well. Explore what your target demographic is asking. Commenting on. And liking.

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Oct 21, 2023
What is Data Driven Design and why is it important

What is data driven design and why . Is it important marco targa – 19 september 2023 data driven design. 1 data-driven design is an approach to design base on specific data and analysis. This is an extremely useful methodology for companies as.  It allows you to increase the efficiency of the design of web environments.  In order to increase conversions and improve the user experience. Not only. Data driven design helps management draw increasingly precise conclusions about products. Services and processes. Allowing them to make objective decisions base on the data in their possession. Furthermore. The use of data-driven design techniques allows companies to save money. Time and resources in preparing a development strategy; let’s try to understand how. 

Practical experiences to support the principles

You might be intereste in: “Machine learning.  And marketing automation: a winning combination for data driven marketing” . Functionality special data that can be improve through data driven design data driven.  Design capabilities going into concrete terms. The process of creating a . Site or web application must be guide by information focuse on what works and what doesn’t work as it should. This is the key mechanism behind this methodology. Features that looke great in the . Design phase may be impractical or confusing once operationalize. Preventing users from achieving their goals. This is where data driven design comes into play. Which can also be define as that design. Supporte by data. That helps developers and marketing managers better understand t. He target audience and its objectives.

The difference between using or not using Data Driven Design principles

In other words. You can see if your project is on the right track. Reveal the pain points and opportunities create for users. While also discovering new trends among the public. Download IS Lists the inside minibook for free now and find out how to create a cro strategy starting.  From data monitoring! The difference between using or not using . Data driven design principles not considering the data at your disposal.  (as well as using data incorrectly) can have detrimental consequences regarding . The success of any individual project. If you rely solely on instinct or outdate best practices. Without performing any data-driven investigation. You risk making poor decisions and wasting money. Resulting in ineffective solutions. 

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Oct 21, 2023
The use of hybrid communication media

The use of hybrid communication meia within a multi-channel strategy davide rossi . Use_of_hybrid_communication_means_within_a_multichannel_strategy in the era we live in. Purchasing a product or service is no longer a linear and preictable process. In the field of digital marketing. The vision of a non-linear funnel represente by new.  Models capable of better describing a user’s buyer journey. From the awareness phase to the purchase phase. Is now consolidate. How multichannel . Strategies are develope this new approach to the target requires companies . And communication professionals to develop strategies that.  Effectively and in a virtuous way integrate a plurality of proprietary and.  Third-party touch points. In order to attract the attention of the public segment of interest. 

How multichannel strategies are developed

It is necessary to keep the target engage by offering content. And information of interest to them until they are encourage to convert. The advantage of structuring latest database a communication and.  Engagement strategy base on the use of digital channels is mainly base on.  4 key elements: the size of the target audience the possibility of targeting.  Messages the permeability and integration between channels. Performance measurement through specific kpis you might be intereste in: “Integrate communication: phases. Tools. Methods” focus on potential consumers however. Potential consumers. The object of a multi-channel strategy. Are not people who operate exclusively within a digital context. 

Focus on potential consumers


They are individuals who are expose . Every day to a plurality of messages and stimuli IS Lists through an ever-growing . Range of online and offline channels. Which accompany them throughout their daily lives. In some cases these messages also arrive at the same time (e.G. Use of second screen) and move freely between them. Creating an even richer and more complex path than the merely online one. Message targeting and kpis targeting_of_messages_and_kpi the technological development of “Traditional” means of communication. Now increasingly hybrid. Provides the possibility of combining the classic.  Benefits of offline means with some of the typical characteristics of . Planning in online means describe above.

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Oct 21, 2023
Data-Driven Marketing: what it is

Data-driven marketing: what it is . And why it matters marco targa – 27 september 2023 data driven marketing every day. Data is increasingly at the center of companies’ organization and development policies. Even in marketing. The collection and processing of key information.  Represent crucial phases in defining the most effective strategies and increasing performance. What is meant by data driven marketing before analyzing some in-depth concepts better. It is good to understand what is meant by data driven marketing. It is fundamentally a methodology that allows you to exploit the potential of data on.  A plurality of factors relating to the audience. Collecte thanks to specific information processing software.

What is meant by Data Driven Marketing

In this way it is possible to understand customers’ nees. Analyze the history of their behavior and offer them. In addition to targete products and new database services. Also highly personalize experiences. Here then is that data driven marketing. When prepare in a professional and complete manner. Allows the development of digital marketing plans optimize for your target audience. You might be intereste in: “Machine learning and marketing.  Automation: a winning combination for data driven marketing”.  The essential prerequisite for a data driven marketing strategy: . The quality of the data data driven marketing it is therefore necessary to start from the data. But “Which data”? 

Common data errors in B2C and B2B

More than understanding how to.  Organize individual information that changes base on the type of . Company and market. It is necessary to focus on another IS Lists factor: the quality of the data in our possession. Only by leveraging reliable . And precise data regarding the customer journey and users’ purchasing behaviour. Is it possible to build an effective marketing . Strategy and reach the target correctly. Download the inside . Minibook for free now and discover how to create a cro.  Strategy starting from data monitoring! Common data.  Errors in b2c and b2b data driven marketing what has just been mentione seems obvious. But this is not the case. Market analyzes.  Of this sector highlight how 90% of marketers consider data fundamental . For a precise and detaile vision of real and potential users. 

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Oct 21, 2023
Make an impression on the decision makers of today

Make an impression on the decision makers of today and tomorrow. Target: genz matteo pocket – 29 september 2023 general let’s start from an assumption. That is never taken for grante: to design effective communication . Strategies and languages we nee to understand and intercept the user who will use them. The habits. Values and languages of our user must be the bible from which to draw the guidelines for our planning. How to apply these principles in the b2b context? The answer is easy: even b2b users are and remain people who love to find the same values. Habits and principles that characterize their private life in the world of work. 

Winning strategies towards GenZ in the B2B context

You might be intereste in: b2b and b2c: differentiate communication strategies.  Winning strategies towards genz in the b2b context general this new data is why. Even in b2b. It is essential to start thinking and designing for . Users who are starting their careers in the world of work today. They are those individuals. Full of enthusiasm. Who are starting (or will soon start) to be promoters of choices. Expenses and strategies on behalf of their respective companies. So let’s talk about genz. I.E. Users born approximately from the end of the 90s to the beginning of the 2010s. 

The key points for GenZ

Download our guide now to find . Out which are the most effective trends of 2023 for growing your business on  social meia! The key points for genz from a study IS Lists conducte in recent years by the genz observatory we observe how. As regards ux and user experience. Genz prefers simplicity . That is. Few but clear elements. Something in which they can recognize and feel at ease during the use of a digital environment. And again. On the tone of voice and brand purpose side. We observe how genz girls and boys prefer self-irony. Understood as not taking themselves too seriously . Being positively sensitive towards brands that . Embrace projects and storytelling linke to sustainability and social.  Impact of a brand or product. 

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Oct 18, 2023
How To Set Up GA4

So. When google shuts down ua. You’ll be ready to hit the ground running with ga4. A guide to ga4 vs universal analytics a guide to reporting in ga4 tracking the customer journey as desktop devices and traditional websites were the primary focus of universal analytics this is now somewhat out of step with how people engage with business across devices. Websites. And mobile apps. While there is a mobile app version of universal analytics. Data is reporte in a separate account property and set of reports. Ga4 on the other hand unifies website and mobile app data into one single reporting view so we can measure user interactions and journeys across devices. Websites. And apps as they move towards conversion.

As we move to a cookie-free world

As we move to a cookie-free world ga4 will be vitally important to safeguard customer data. Since ga4 isn’t as reliant on cookie tracking as universal analytics. We can continue to report new data on website and campaign performance while respecting people’s privacy preferences. While universal analytics tracks visits and repeat visits using cookies. Ga4 is less reliant on cookies as a technology and uses data modelling and machine learning to plug gaps because of users’ privacy choices. This means that to future-proof your tracking. It’s essential to set up and start using ga4 to stay ahead of the competition. You can also check out our other ga4 detaile guides here.

With the emergence of omnichannel marketing

With the emergence of omnichannel marketing—which sees businesses provide a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints from website IS Lists to social. Email and app usage—it is important that there’s an analytics tool that can track these journeys and ga4 aims to do this to some degree for channel. Website. And app usage. Though in-platform metrics for non-google products like comments. Shares etc.. On facebook or instagram still nee to be tracke in the meta platform itself. Ga4 can track visits from these channels and help map customer journeys across your websites and apps: something that can’t be done in a unifie way in universal analytics.

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Oct 18, 2023
Destination URL goals in GA4

 You could write your event name in the tag as something like: “new_products_brochure_download” and trigger the event to fire when people click the text “download now” on the “/new-products” page path. Fig 5 downloads tracke as events in ga4 fig 5 downloads tracke as events in ga4 this means that every time someone clicks download now on the new products page of your website. Ga4 will record a specific event relating to this download. Fig 6 set tag managers triggers to fire ga4 events fig 6 set tag managers triggers to fire ga4 events this gives you more details than the auto-tracke events which might simply say something like “file download” but with this auto event. You won’t know what that file refers to. Adding specific tags and triggers to tag manager to push data to ga4 elevates the level of detail for things like conversion tracking

Destination url goals in ga4

Destination url goals in ga4 if you tracke thank you pages in universal analytics and you want to do something similar in ga4 you can special data create custom conversion events in the ga4 interface. In the events section in the configure area. Choose to create a new event and there you can set the conditions to track your thank you page. For example. If you want to track visits to the purchase complete page on your website you might set the conditions like this: fig 7 create events in ga4 fig 7 create events in ga4 event_name equals “page view” – this tells ga4 you’re tracking a visit of a page as the event. Page_title contains “order confirme” – this tells ga4 to only track when people visit the page that contains order confirme as the page title.

Set conditions for custom events in ga4

Set conditions for custom events in ga4 fig 8 set conditions for custom events in ga4 once you have set up your custom event you can go IS Lists to the conversions area of the configure area and create a new conversion event. Enter the name of your custom event as the conversion name. In our example we would call the conversion event “purchase” and this will track instances of people seeing the order complete page as a purchase goal. Just like destination goals in universal analytics. Admittely it is a little trickier to set up destination goals in ga4.

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