Nov 20, 2023
Blockchain can be used to create digitized

Blockchain can What is the GDPR and how to adapt to the new legislation . Furthermore, there are several limitations of current CRMs, including. Information cluster in individual departments and therefore isolat. Ne for crossanalysis of data Uncertainty of the real intention record as data. Precisely in reference to this last point, it is still unclear, in many cases. Whether the intentions of the lead who is downloading our eBook, clicking on our calltoaction. Or viewing a web page are aim at acquiring more information about our products or services. To then advance in the sales pipeline or not. Although this can be verifi with conversion rates. Lead scoring or the lead’s position in the sales process.

With current systems

It is difficult to understand the purposes of such online actions the lead could be there for research purposes. For mistake, out of curiosity, not always to buy in the first contact phase attract. Increasing the effectiveness of these tools would mean introducing advanc technologies such as artificial intelligence into the company , which would automate processes making them more efficient. The downside, however, is increasing seo expater bangladesh ltd concerns about the security of customer data. Artificial intelligence, in fact, can collect very sensitive data, such as a person’s face, their voice, their facial expressions in front of a screen or fingerprints. anonymity, privacy and security.

Which is in turn resistant

Why can blockchain represent an effective solution? This technology represents, to date, the most advanc tool in terms of data security which represents a trace of everything that happens online. The blockchain, in fact, is a public, decentraliz and distribut register that records records in blocks, which are IS Lists link together with cryptography, to any hacking attempt. How does it work The blockchain, therefore, is nothing more than a large database that can operate without centraliz management and serve as a highly reliable repository for transactions, digital rights and sensitive data, such as identities and property des.

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