Mar 23, 2023
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These are mainly online meia, including social meia , and recently more and more often also virtual and augmente reality. In the US, virtual reality (VR) and augmente reality (AR) are already use at least once a month by 17-28 percent, respectively. people. At the same time, it is no secret that the press is losing its relevance. Let’s take the daily, which in 2005 sold 1.6 million copies a day in Poland, in 2013 – 900,000. copies, and last year less than 500 thousand. copies. We recommend Here and now, or how to advertise your company on the Internet It is the same with the luxury press or weeklies.

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This translates into less impact of these magazines. As a result, they lose their key importance as marketing channels. The same applies to all paper advertising gadgets, but also billboards and posters due to their number in urban space on a par Printing And Publishing Manufacturers Email List with other forms of advertising. Definitely, the Internet as a meium is also more important overall than television or radio, which can be seen in the advertising revenues. In 2019, spending on modern marketing and online advertising was higher in Europe than on offline advertising for the first time. Principles of modern marketing Modern marketing is base on several new principles.

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Instead of speculations and preictions about customer behavior, the marketer uses big data and analyzes real data. Customers are distrustful of traditional ads – instead, the content is more contextual and embede with content. Many online IS Lists marketers use, for example, webinars or podcasts as sales support , in which they talk about sales. Customers appreciate honesty over veile advertising. For now, the relay is often the message, the marketing communication channel itself attracts customers. An example is a bold brand Tiktok channel, an interesting company podcast, an intriguing live sales influencer, etc. Do you want to effectively keep up with the market? Focus on business. Leave PR and marketing to us.

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