Oct 17, 2023
It’s Time to Test Some PPC Ad Copy and Find Out

Expanded text ads are finally here. This is the first major change that google has made to standard text ads in over a decade. So, while it may not seem that exciting to some, it is a pretty major change.

What are expanded text ads?
As the name suggests, expanded text ads provide a grand total of about 50% more text for paid search ads. Following google’s renewed focus on mobile devices, these ads were designed to be optimized for the screen sizes of the most popular smart phones.

The new ad format features two headlines, each with 30 characters, and one long 80-character description line (compared to previous ads with one headline of 25 characters and two description lines of 35 characters each).

It may be tempting to simply try to adapt your current paid search ads to the expanded format, but there are some best practices when it comes to this new style.

Expanded text ads with additional character limits

Focus on the headlines
With two longer headlines, you can communicate more to users at a glance. Put most of your energy into the first headline. Depending on the device and number of characters, the second headline may be cut off or dropped to the second line. If your company adheres to any strict legal or regulatory guidelines, you will want to limit your total headline characters to 33 to ensure there is no cutoff.

Cutoff points are based on pixel buy phone leads size and not character limits. Ads with wider characters may see the second headline truncated.
Cutoff points are based on pixel size and not character limits. Ads with wider characters may see the second headline truncated.

Rethink your entire creative
It is important not to just add extra characters to existing ads, but to re-write. This helps ensure that the ads make sense and communicate the proper message. With the extra characters, try to highlight unique product characteristics or limited time offers.

Test multiple versions

Since this is a new format, testing multiple variations will help find what resonates best with your target audience.

While the “old style” of text ads will IS Lists still be shown (if active in the account), account managers will no longer be able to create any new text ads from the (old) standard format after october 26.

Early tests have shown that the new ads are providing a higher ctr – some showing as much as a 400% increase! However, with anything new, you can expect to see a higher increase when it is new and different. Advertisers should expect things to slow down as more and more companies adopt the new format. So get on board now and take advantage of the change now.

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Oct 17, 2023
Winning Gold 2016 Olympic Advertising

It’s that time of year again! Every couple of years we get to unite not only as a country but as a world. We come together with the spirit of competition. Today officially marks the opening of the xxxi olympics in rio de janeiro. For the next two weeks, headlines will showcase underdog wins, gold medal heartbreaks, and the raw emotions that make the olympics so fun to watch.

As an advertiser, you may be wondering why or how I landed on this as a topic. One fascinating thing for me is the tradition of the olympics and how it has managed to survive and evolve with time. One of the most interesting things I found is the different ways you can now watch all the competitions.

The power of live stream

It used to be that you could only watch the olympics on your television with a few options of events to choose from. Luckily, for me and you, nbc will be live-streaming over 6,700 hours of programming so you won’t miss a thing. That means you can catch the action not only on your tv but now more than ever on your desktop, your mobile devices, and tablets. Those special moments and big events are now only a click away.

The exciting thing for advertisers is buy phone number list that approaching. The biennial olympic games isn’t just a matter of coming up with new ways. To reach fans on their mobile devices; it’s keeping up with the new technologies. That, two years ago in sochi and four years ago in london, didn’t even exist. With more live. Stream coverage, comes more advertising in the form. Of pre-roll and mid-roll video. With host rio only being one hour ahead of the united. States’ east coast, even more events will be streamed live at prime. Time than in previous olympics. With all that prime time. Coverage, it’s predicted that there will be a 50% increase from. Digital ad sales compared to london 2012.

That’s a lot of coverage of all of your favorite events and a ton of potential ad revenue

If you aren’t currently a part of those markets, you still have the ability to tune into the games.  These are just a few options for people who want more access and more coverage to this year’s games.

So when you are tuning into the opening ceremony or watching that final medal match, remember this tradition is over 2,000 years old. There were no medals, athletes competed for glory, and winners were seen as being touched by the gods. We now have the privilege to view the games from thousands of miles away. Big moments, wins, and short-comings will be shared across social sites, replayed millions of times.

Technology has brought the once IS Lists distance olympics to our homes, cars, and workplace. We have come a long way in the last few olympics just think where we will be in 2020 for the tokyo games. Be sure to tune in tonight for the opening ceremony- and watch all of your favorite events in the next following days. Star athletes, advertisers, and viewers with more access than ever are sure to be winners during the 2016 summer olympics.

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Oct 17, 2023
Clickbait Will Leave You Shocked

If you’re reading through this blog worrying about your fate on social media because you rely on clickbait headlines to drive traffic, take a deep breath. Although clickbait was once popular and easy to fall for, users are smarter. Clickbating your posts will only create a distrust between your brand and your readers. It may be hard to be a new business, or a smaller site wanting to grow your site visitors, but getting quality traffic will get you further than a million bounced clicks.

Headlines don’t have to be boring or dull to avoid facebook’s wrath, they just have to be honest. Avoid using the typical clickbait phrasing like “you’ll never believe” or “what happens next will shock you.” there are a few things you can use to write a great headline.

Facts and statistics if you’ve done something notable or have any interesting data

Google hit with record $22.5 million dollar penalty for improperly tracking safari users.” this headline tells the reader exactly what they’ll read about, but still draws them in wanting to know more.

Ask questions: there’s nothing more enticing than a great question that makes people think. Be sure to make your question descriptive free telemarketing leads and have the body of the article clearly answer that question.

Lists: some people would argue that lists headlines are clickbait, but when done right, they can be effective without being annoying. The list should be interesting and factual and relevant to your business. A travel website could post an article called “inane list of 8 things to do in sioux falls.”

This is not a complete list of ways to write headlines, but should give you a good start. The most important thing to remember is to keep the headline simple and honest. Even if you don’t get as many clicks, you want your users to trust you and stay on your website.

Facebook’s war on clickbait is hopefully about to bring some change to our newsfeeds

As user experience is prioritized over publisher content, we’ll see more and more bad content weeded from our social accounts. If you’re a IS Lists brand or publisher relying on clickbait traffic, it’s going to be more difficult to get your content out in the coming months as platforms crack down on it. Put the user first, create quality content, and craft truthful and creative headlines. If you do these things, you won’t need clickbait anymore.

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Oct 17, 2023
Facebook’s Response to Clickbait Will Leave You Shocked

Spend five minutes on the internet and you’ll probably see an article heading like the one on this post. Sorry to disappoint you, but unlike my title, facebook’s response to clickbait will probably not leave you shocked, rattled, or even surprised.

A clickbait article entices you to click with its mystery filled title- “a little girl picks up a rock, what happens next will blow clickbait cycleyour mind”. Therefore, What does she do with the rock? You click the article only to be led to a poorly made website filled with ads. You are suddenly filled with disappointment and angry that you fell for a clickbait title.

Clickbaiting has become a serious problem on facebook and across the web. It’s defined as “website content that is aimed at generating advertising revenue. Therefore, Especially at the expense of quality or accuracy, relying on. Sensationalist’s headlines to attract click-through.” these sites are only after one thing, clicks. The more clicks. They can get to their site, the more ad revenue they gain in the process.

They withhold just enough information in the headline to get you interested

Although some believe that clickbait started after the web was formed. It actually stems from “yellow journalism” which enticed people. To buy a newspaper for a silly comic rather than the actual news. Frank luther, a media historian listed the defining characteristics of yellow journalism:

Prominent headlines that “screamed how to buy phone numbers in bulk excitement, often about comparatively unimportant news”
Lavish use of pictures, many of them without significance

All these sound pretty familiar, don’t they? Many of these same characteristics are found in almost every clickbait article on the web today. Therefore, Publishers once guilty of fishing for clicks have now realized that a click is nothing with a 98% bounce rate. Therefore, Below is an example of yellow journalism, there was never any proof that the warship was destroyed by an enemy. The title only serves to draw people to buy the paper to read the full story.

Facebook has had enough

The place I find the most clickbait is on facebook. It seems like my newsfeed has been filled with mysterious headlines for as long as I can IS Lists remember. Facebook has heard our complaints and released a statement in early august that said they’ll be demoting clickbait articles. These articles will be shoved further down the newsfeed if they contain phrases that are undisclosed by facebook thus far.

In the next weeks, facebook will be tweaking the algorithm that drives the newsfeed so that users will see less clickbait and more articles they want to read. Publishers will be affected on differing levels depending on the amount of clickbait they normally post. Facebook predicts that most pages won’t see a significant change from the update.

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Oct 17, 2023
Why should your business use Remarketing

Have you ever gone to a website and looked at something you thought about buying? You were strong enough to put down your credit card and leave without spending any money, but then something interesting happens. A few days later, you notice that product showing up in advertisements no matter where you go online. It’s not a coincidence; it’s remarketing in action.

Remarketing is an online targeting tactic that companies use to advertise to people that have completed a certain action. The companies can then measure this on their website. The most common of these actions is when a person visits a website. Remarketing is used to re-engage with these past users.

A small piece of code is added to a certain landing page or the entire site controlled by the advertisers. Once a user goes to your site or specific page, they’re cookied. Cookies are a way a visitor is tagged and remembered for later. Once the visitor leaves your website, the advertiser is able to show them ads on other websites throughout the internet.

Create specific audiences from certain actions the users complete

There are tons of events you can track, but some of the most common ones are:

Visit your website

This audience is for anyone who has visited your website. Whether they were there for three seconds or three minutes, they can be shown a telephone number list remarketing ad. This audience is pretty broad, but it’s a great way to build brand recognition to users that aren’t familiar with your business.

Cart abandoners

This audience is for anyone who put something in their shopping cart, but left the site before they completed their order. According to wishpond, 72% of online shoppers are likely to abandon their shopping carts prior to making a purchase. Without remarketing, only 8% of those customers return to complete their transactions. With remarketing, the percentage of users who return and complete the check-out process increases to 26%.

Visited a certain product page without converting

Show ads of specific products or IS Lists services to this audience of visitors that were looking at the specific product, but never converted the sale. Showing specific product ads later in the day or later in the week, will help remind the visitor of the product and hopefully bring them back to the website to purchase the product or service.

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Oct 17, 2023
A Future with Awareness Campaigns

Pinterest isn’t at the forefront of social media advertising, because the platform focuses more on the element of sharing quality information on a user-friendly basis. But for certain industries, this platform can be the key element to crack into that specific audience the brand or business would like to reach.

The platform released promoted pins about a year ago. They’re just like regular pins, only you pay to have them seen by more people and drive action on them. They work in a native ad format within the platform and unlike other social media advertising, the promoted pins earn additional impressions and engagements long after the campaign is over.

Like I mentioned earlier, engagement and traffic campaigns weren’t ideal for our smaller campaigns that were targeting a very narrow geographic location. The pool of potential audience was small and there results would receive minimal reach which in turn gave us few engagements and clicks. It wasn’t ideal for us or our clients that were interested in targeting smaller areas.

Since experimenting with the new awareness campaigns

We’re able to get a good quantity of reach each day and because of those results, we’ve received more engagements than our engagement campaigns that were targeting the same areas.

My final thoughts about this new feature is that it isn’t the perfect solution for all campaigns. If brands and business are focusing more telemarketing lists on a national level, than I believe engagement or traffic campaigns would be the better option. But when working with a smaller scale of audience or geo, awareness campaigns can receive more bang for their buck.
We do the best we can to try and explain the technology we use here at keymedia solutions, but sometimes it can get a little confusing. We understand that sometimes the best way to explain something is to provide an example. That’s why in this blog I’m including a case study of a programmatic advertising campaign that we ran for a client.

In the case study you’ll read an explanation of the goals outlined by the client, some of the challenges we had to overcome, and the results of the campaign. At the end of this blog, you’ll also find an option to download another case study for b2b marketing.

Programmatic case study

Keymedia solutions began working with a state level government agency in 2014. The goal of this campaign was to raise general public IS Lists awareness among a certain demographic. One of the primary tactics used to reach this goal was programmatic advertising.

The biggest challenge of this campaign was to make sure a very narrow target audience received our specific message. The message was somewhat touchy in nature, so targeting the right people was crucial to the success of the campaign. We chose programmatic advertising for this reason. With this tactic, we’re able to set extremely specific target audiences based on data obtained through third-party data centers.

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Oct 17, 2023
My Thoughts on Awareness Campaigns

Pinterest may have just made a bid update without anyone knowing about it. The update was quiet; it wasn’t advertised and there was no announcement, presentation, or summit. What’s the update? Pinterest just rolled-out awareness campaigns and here’s what you need to know about them.

What are awareness campaigns?
It was just another wednesday morning on august 11th when I went to check on the status of a client’s pinterest campaign – and that’s when I saw it. Cost-per-thousand-impressions (cpm) bidding in the form of awareness campaigns.

Later that same day pinterest would eventually release a blog post announcing the quiet roll-out to all accounts, but in those wee, early hours of the morning, there was no news of what and why this new feature was available.

Instead of the platform tailoring the campaign to serve based on who will engage with the pin or who will most likely click to site. Awareness campaigns will focus on reach as the objective of the campaign and charge advertisers by cpm.

Awareness campaigns used to only be available to fortune 500 companies

All other business accounts had access to promoted pins that only. Allowed the option to choose an engagement campaign, where you were charged. By cpe, or a traffic campaign, where you were charged by cpc.

This created a problem because telemarketing list providers there was no specific option to help campaigns focus on reach. For smaller, local campaigns it was difficult to access. A large enough amount of audience with engagement and traffic. Campaigns in order to see a quality amount of action.

But now, with cpm bidding, pinterest will optimize these campaigns to reach more people. This new feature also allows the option to place a cap on how many times a user will see the promoted pins within that campaign.

The final thing that we see people doing that can negatively impact their marketing efforts is a lack of testing. Testing doesn’t only have to be for copy and images, but can also apply to target audiences and tactics. It is common that a brand may think they know their target audience perfectly from the start, but often we see that this audience may not be the perfect fit for an online marketing campaign. It’s important to test out multiple audiences across platforms and optimize to the audience that performs.

Without testing you could be missing out on a lot of opportunities to reach potential audiences

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You must not just fix one of these problem areas, but work towards IS Lists avoiding all four. Creative should be kept fresh and new and be tested frequently. The target audience should be small enough to be effective. But not too narrow that a small amount of people.  Are bombarded with the same advertisements daily.

Your advertising dollars should be spent more evenly across digital platforms and in proportion to creative development. Finally, you should always be testing out different tactics as well. As target audiences to make sure you are always. Staying current in front of your future customers. Digital advertising has a lot of benefits when it comes to targeting, make sure you are using them for good.

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Oct 17, 2023
What You Might be Doing Wrong

In the past few years, marketers have gained targeting insights they could only dream about decades ago. Data has been essential in shaping messaging, delivering advertisements, and driving sales. The digital advertising ability to target by narrow interests or demographics seems like the most practical and effective solution to the marketing woes of the past. Therefore, Serving your message only to interested people in the market may seem like the most logical use of advertising dollars. Therefore, Unfortunately, there comes a point that too much becomes a bad thing and can negatively impact your brand and sales.

Cutting creative
Although it may be cheaper to only have one or two variations of creative. Therefore, this can actually be more hurtful to marketing efforts than cost-effective. Facebook is one platform where ad fatigue is very common. Ads are frequently delivered across smaller target audiences within the platform. When these ads go unchanged or only have one variation, the audience begins to ignore the ads at a rapid rate.

A simple fix to this problem is to frequently swap out old creatives

The campaign. Simple image changes can go a long way and can greatly minimize the ad fatigue consumers experience. Make sure the images you select are engaging and run testing to find what types of images your consumers respond the most to. Keep in mind that even a “perfect” facebook ad is vulnerable to ad fatigue.

Digital specialist megan says: “in my opinion, one of the best ways to counteract ad fatigue is to create a testing schedule. Take your best-performing telemarketing list creative and test it against your new creative. Doing this will get you great results to use when building the next round of creative.”

Thinking too narrow
In addition to overused old creative, the frequency of your ads has a high impact on user perceptions and ad effectiveness. If you narrow your target too small, you run the risk of showing the same people your ad too frequently. The below graphic illustrates what happens when people see an ad or other pieces of content too many times. At first, they may view the ads as helpful or relevant, but after 10 views of the same ad, they can become angry and annoyed.

One study from the advertising research foundation found early

This year that if a person views a digital banner ad more than 40 times in a month, sales start to decline. The overkill actually rendered many of the IS Lists viewable impressions worthless or counterproductive. Mobile ads also run the risk of quickly diminishing in value because they can often reach their targets at lower costs. Just because you can serve someone an ad 80 times in one month, doesn’t mean you should. If you are seeing ctr’s quickly drop off, it may be time for you to rethink your target or back off the frequency that you are showing your ads.

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Oct 17, 2023
Google Analytics is a powerful tool that jams

Site search is powerful when analyzing how visitors are navigating your site. Once this tool is set up on your website, you can enable tracking. Within analytics to better understand what information visitors are looking. For or what information they’re having trouble finding.

If you have site search within your site, it’s pretty easy to turn on the reporting within analytics for it. It must be turned on for each individual view level within an analytics account. Here’s a list of steps to activate site search:

In the query parameter field, you will need to define the word or words that determine an internal query parameter.
Select whether or not you use categories, such as drop-down menus to refine a site search.
If you do not, then you’re finished and can hit “save changes.”
If you do use categories:
In the category parameter field, enter the letters that designate an internal query category such as “dog.”
Click “apply.”
Once site search is set up and enabled, you can find reporting for this information under the “behavior” section in the left-hand column.

Under site search settings set site search tracking to on

Within the top tool bar on your site, there’s a clearly labeled “contact us” subpage. But after reviewing your site search information you notice there are a lot of people searching for an email address. You then investigate your site content’s page report and see that there isn’t a lot of sessions on the “contact us” page.

To find out why this is occurring, you could residential phone numbers test out different locations of your subpages menu or have contact information right on the home page or at the bottom of every page.

Are my visitors converting?
One of the most important things to do once you have an analytics account is to set up goals. This is to help you be able to track how many visitors are completing actions on your site; be that landing on the contact page, signing up for a newsletter, purchasing an item, etc.

Goals also help determine if there are any “roadblocks” that are stopping your visitors from converting.

Under the admin tab in the top toolbar, you’ll find the account, property, and view sections. Within the view section, there is “goals.” to be courteous of the length of this post, today we’ll only go over a url destination goal. But keep an eye out for a guide on how to set up different types of goals in future posts.

A url destination goal is triggered when someone lands on that specific url on your page, such as a thank you page, confirmation page, or a pdf. Here’s a list of steps to set up a goal.

It’s not only the pageviews and duration you need to track

Goal details in the destination box, put the landing page that you would like to track.

You have a big seminar coming up next IS Lists month and a majority of your event registrations come from your website. In regard to the registrations, you’d like to know if more people signup on the home page or on the blog subpages.

To determine this, you could set up two goals. One for the “thank you” page after signing up on the home page of your site and one. Goal for the “thank you” page after signing up on a blog subpage.

Now that you have the basics down from edition 1 and some powerful. Analyzing tips from this edition, you’re on your way to becoming an analytics superhero.

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Oct 17, 2023
What information are my visitors looking for

Google analytics is a powerful tool that jams a lot of website data into one place. It’s an amazing resource to help you understand how your website and marketing campaigns are performing. But a lot of businesses don’t take full advantage of this free service. They don’t know how to determine which pieces of information are critical to the success of their business.

One major benefit in utilizing analytics is to track how visitors are interacting with your site. But if you’re not sure what data to look for or how to set up your analytics, then you might be missing out on very important information.

My blog today is the second in a series of blogs about google analytics. If you haven’t had a chance to read google analytics basics part 1, you can find it here.

In the first post, I covered a lot of basic information, such as how to set up an analytics account and what type of information is included in the free service. In this second edition, we will be going a little more in-depth and cover the topic of analyzing visitor activity on your site.

Analytics is a valuable tool to discover the quality of traffic that’s coming from specific sources

Especially traffic that’s coming to the site from your digital campaigns. In this post, I’ll provide you with some of the data that, as a digital specialist, I analyze on a regular basis for our clients and their campaigns to help see if we’re receiving the best call lists for sale results. I’ve also provided an example situation where each element of this data comes in handy.

What are my visitors doing?
The majority of the data in analytics are insights into how visitors are interacting with your site and its content. It’s important to monitor this data in order to answer a lot of questions like who is my audience? Where are they coming from? And what are they doing once they’re on my site?

Analytics example 1

Under the “acquisition” tab, there’s a “source/medium” outbreak. This is probably one of the most important pieces of data in analytics for a digital specialist.

This section provides the information of how many sessions certain sources are driving and the quality of those sources. Analyzing the quality of traffic each source is driving to the site can be valuable. This information directs you for digital marketing opportunities or shows insights into traffic from current campaigns.

Your business is running a display campaign but you see

The majority of the traffic coming from this campaign is immediately bouncing from your site. You might want to re-evaluate the audience you’re targeting with this display campaign because it might be irrelevant traffic you’re directing to your site.

Another section that’s a go-to for digital specialists like myself is the behavior flow chart. This is located in the “behavior” section.

This chart categorizes how the majority f traffic on IS Lists your site is navigating through different pages and maybe eventually even converting. It also provides insight into where traffic might be leaving or exiting your site more than normal.


You’re reviewing your site’s behavior flow chart and notice a large amount of drop off on your email newsletter signup page after a site redesign. This is unusual because, before the redesign, the site was receiving a 70% signup rate when visitors landed on this page.

After investigating the situation, you realize that the newsletter form to signup is below the fold when visitors arrive on both the desktop and mobile page. After updating the page layout so the form is above the fold, drop off rates decreased and signup conversions went back up to normal.

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Oct 17, 2023
Connecting with specific age groups through online initiatives

While consulting internet advertising agencies can be a good move for any number of businesses, it’s an especially sure thing if your primary customer base is already cyber-literate. Take, for example, Follett Higher Education Group, a company that manages college bookstores and reportedly sees mobile users in more than 60 percent of its millennial customer base, which experienced a recent boost in marketing through the use of text message ads to connect with its customers.

Internet Retailer, whose 2013 conference recently took place, describes the means that this company took to overcome a lag in revenue. Even though the company reportedly only sent these messages to less than a quarter of their base, the response was positive, with more than 60 percent investigating a sent link. Follett marketing professional Leeann Fecho spoke at the conference praising the use of mobile services to successfully connect with a customer base.

The value of mobile isn't just about building offers or mobile commerce

Internet marketing agencies can provide customers with the right guidance to begin developing the kinds of setups that will lead to more responses from interested followers. Something as simple as this kind of wide-ranging, mass-distributed text messaging can improve a business’s statistics in noticeable ways, and by focusing particularly on demographics that already know their way around a mobile device, companies can pave the way for more interest to follow.

This prediction is one that has usa phone number list been around for a while now. As digital marketers, it’s becoming more important than ever to deliver a personal experience to customers. Whether it’s through searches or engagements through social media marketing, the customer journey is evolving into tailored content that meets the customer’s needs. The article explains:

“people want individualized experiences to avoid the feeling that they’re being mass-marketed to and to get more relevant content and information in their lives. With iot, personalization will become not only more important, but more feasible; integrated systems will be able to collect data on individuals’ search histories, typical food purchases, driving habits, and everything in between.”

Even today, the capabilities for personalization with technology like programmatic advertising and remarketing create a unique experience for customers. Iot introduces another level of personalization that will likely play a massive role in search results moving forward.

The new rule for the future will be anything that can be connected will be connected

While this might seem like a scary idea IS Lists for some, the benefits are there to make our lives easier. Imagine if your alarm clock told your coffee machine to start brewing coffee for you in the morning. Even further, what if your coffee machine could order coffee supplies when it knew you were running low?

Even though these are fun examples to think about, marketers have a real opportunity to be creative in communicating within the iot. The future of this technology is fast approaching and now is the time to find out the best way you can stand out in the iot.

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Oct 17, 2023
3 Ways the Internet of Things Will Affect Online

Have you ever visited the grocery store and forgot how many eggs you had sitting in the refrigerator at home? With the eggminder, you’ll never have to worry again! The eggminder is a smart egg tray that lets you know how many eggs you have left in the fridge through its built-in wifi connectivity and a smartphone app.

You might laugh at the example above, but the truth is that almost all new technology that’s being produced today will some way, shape or form be connected to the internet through wifi. Therefore, All the way from egg trays and children’s toys to jet engines and oil drills. Therefore, the connection of these physical products to the internet has produced what people today call the internet of things (iot). Therefore, And it could have a dramatic impact on the future of online marketing and seo.

In my blog today I’m going to discuss 3 predictions about

How this new connected technology will change the way marketers advertise and rank on search engines. But before we get too deep into that, I want to take a quick second and explain the idea of the iot.

The simplest explanation of the iot is the concept of connecting any device with an on and off switch to the internet. This includes everything telemarketing list from cell phones, coffee makers, lamps, wearable devices, and pretty much anything else that you can think of. Therefore, A recent forbes article explains, “the iot is a giant network of connected ‘things’ (which include people). The relationship will be between people-people, people-things, and things-things.”

Iot tech predictions
Another recent forbes article discussed ways in which this new network of connectivity will impact not only our lives but the way we search and optimize our information online. Today, I want to highlight three of the predictions and discuss how they could affect the future of online marketing.

This is something that’s already happening today. No longer are people searching online using one or two words. Instead, people are searching for information using complete sentences and asking long-form questions. 

Much of this is due to the development of digital assistants

These digital assistants, like amazon’s alexa and google home, are already starting. To become more sophisticated in the way they interact with conversational commands. As individuals and customers become more accustomed to this. Form of search, keyword-based queries will practically disappear.

Due to the more conversational IS Lists engagements between people and search. Engines, organic click-through rates will likely decline. In the past, as customers search for a product or service, a search engine results page (serp) would. Require some investigating on the user’s end. The article explains:

“users will rely on iot technology for functions throughout their daily lives. From figuring out how long to bake chicken to ordering more paper towels – and many. Of these commands, orders, and conversations won’t require users to visit websites in any context.”

This might not be as bad as you might be thinking, however. Fewer people might be visiting your website, but the ones that are taken there through these new search. Queries will likely be more qualified and further along in the buying process. Instead of optimizing for click-through rates, marketers. Will be optimizing to be found by iot searches.

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