Mar 23, 2023
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It largely determines the success of the entire project. Adjusting the store to comfortable and safe international shopping increases the chances that satisfie foreign consumers will use the services again, thus joining the group of regular customers. As a conscious entrepreneur, you are certainly aware that even the best-planne international e-commerce will fail if you do not take care of proper promotion. An activity that combines the preparation of the website for functioning on a new market with promotion is foreign positioning.

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International positioning is an important area of ​​SEO dealing with the optimization of international websites. The purpose of the process is to increase the visibility of the website in foreign language versions of search engines. Why is it so General Merchandise Stores Email List important? If the shop page will be displaye high in the results of a popular search engine in a given country, more people will find it, which will increase the effectiveness of online sales . The excellent visibility of your e-shop in the search engine increases your chances of market success! Does foreign positioning always take place on Google? While Google is the world’s leading search engine, in some countries other services are leading the way.

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Yahoo is the most common in Japan, Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China. Before starting positioning activities, be sure to check which search engine your target customers use most willingly. Foreign positioning – a task for professionals IS Lists Positioning abroad is a real challenge. It is a time-consuming process that requires full commitment, experience and excellent knowlege of SEO, marketing, international market mechanisms, etc. This task is worth entrusting to specialists. Foreign positioning is handle by professional SEO agencies . The agency will comprehensively analyze the foreign market, check the competition and perform positioning activities that will allow you to effectively reach foreign customers.

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