Mar 25, 2023
Increase In The Number Of Followers Conversion

Years ago, it was enough for a store owner to know how many customers come into the store and make purchases. A decade later, he also had to keep an eye on the number of visits and conversions in the online store. Today, it would be good if he also knew the engagement of customers in social meia and the number of customers who appear in the store from this source. Here are some marketing metrics you should know about: Social meia indicators: number of followers, increase in the number of followers, conversion from SM, engagement. Website traffic indicators: bounce rate, time spent on the website, number of subpages visite, conversion, traffic sources. Sales funnel indicators: conversion, obstacles in the customer path.

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Cost indicators: marketing expenditure per customer, per sale, per lead, per channel in relation to generate sales, return on marketing expenses (ROMI). Content marketing indicators: amplification rate, engagement, time, number College and Universities Email List of readers, conversion. The most important marketing indicators The Internet is full of lists of five, ten or fifteen key marketing metrics that nee to be measure. This shows that opinions are divide even among experts, and measuring one or two values ​​is definitely not enough. Even if you have a few favorite indicators that you follow at work, it is worth adding new ones to them from time to time.

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Traffic Indicators Bounce Rate

Especially if the current data is no longer enough for you and does not translate into results. Sometimes, when you add one new indicator to IS Lists your data, the picture of the company starts to look completely different than before. For example, traffic on the website at the level of several hundre thousand users sounds sensational. However, if it turns out that they spend a few seconds in your store on average, you will understand So what are the most important marketing metrics? They are often mentione: MQL – ratio of pre-qualifie customers, all people who signe up for the newsletter.

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